Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Weekend to Dye For

The three-day spinning and dyeing intensive was more dyeing than spinning, more spindle than wheel, and it was a good time for me. I conquered my utter disdain for the spindle, made some more progress on the wheel, decided that maybe I would knit a sock every so often, and had a great time dyeing some lovely fiber with natural dyes.

What I don't have is pictures. My husband has been doing yeoman's work taking care of all four Things so I could revel in fiber, so he's tired; my course has continued apace in my absence, so I have work to do; and my dear little Thing 2 is getting on an airplane to visit her grandparents tomorrow. All by herself.

I might take pictures when I come home from the airport. Now I'm going to try to sleep and not worry too much in advance.


Charity said...

Sounds awesome! You're so brave - my oldest wants to go to visit grandparents, but I'm not quite ready yet. Maybe next year. :0)

cpurl17 said...

Hi there!
It's Christine from dying class. I found your blog from finding Kristine's blog.

I'm in awe of how much work you got done before class, including baking those delicious muffins. I'm amazed that I managed to get up, feed two cats and make it into the Studio on time.

String Bean said...

I can't wait to see teh silk you told me about! I'm sure you can spin it. Never tell yourself you can't! :D

Katherine said...

No bee acrobatics? I'm glad you're safe and sound today (you are, right?).

Sweet little Thing. I hope she has a great time and that you don't miss her too much.