Monday, July 28, 2008

Besotted with Brambles

Solo run this morning -- Eric's knees are acting up. He can sprint with me, or sprint ahead of me while I gasp along behind him, but he can't put in a longer run. Thing 1 said emphatically that she did NOT want to come, despite saying last night that she actually did want to run, "If it's going to be long running."

Maybe 6:40 am feels earlier in the morning than it seems at night.

So, hat on, I headed out to the beach. I vary my route a bit because I read lots of spy novels. Ha! No, it's because I get bored pretty easily. I'm okay with the broad outlines being the same, but I like a bit of change up. No pelicans this morning, alas. Just gulls and cormorants, the grouchy members of the beach community, in my opinion.

No idea why pelicans get to me like they do, but it's getting worse.

What also is going nowhere, obsessionville-wise,is my addiction to the bramble fruits. On the last leg uphill I discovered a fairly large blackberry patch (another good reason to try different routes -- surprises!). Since I have never, to my memory, passed ripe berries without stopping, I stopped and got a handful for breakfast. I'll have to get my sister to come over and pick through the patch with me this week.

With the sweet complexity of ripe blackberry on my tongue, I finished the tiny hill and came home to this:


allisonmariecat said...

Awww, cute!

Yum to the blackberries. Lilah has really gotten into berries this summer, so I've been buying them more regularly than I used to. A free source would be a very cool find.

*snort* "...because I read a lot of spy novels." Hahahaha!

suzee said...

Oh, dearie that's sweet. For just a nanosecond it made me want to go get some more children to put in my bed. But I'll make do with the dog.

cpurl17 said...

Awww it's like the kitty is watching over them with her flashlight eyes.

Lara said...

Spy novels, hee!

I went running at 10:30 last night. When I told my husband I was going, he said, "Be aware of your surroundings!" I think he really didn't want me to go, but seriously, I was running in circles within three blocks of our house. The neighbor girl has left her bike in her driveway every night for the last three months. It's always there the next morning. I think our neighborhood is sufficiently safe for running in the dark.