Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Even when it's not what I would have done

It's important for me to be consciously thankful.

Thing 1 is very very cooperatively playing with her little sister so I can set up my new classes online. Schoolwork is done; folks are scattered around, and I'm sitting in my room and working. My focus isn't great -- I do better if I'm locked into a room in the library with few distractions outside the ones in my head -- but I can manage in this quiet, darkened space.

The two at home have been doing different kinds of things to play, from bouncing a ball, to reading, to tickling, to hide and seek, all outside of my area. Then I heard, "Let's play you chase me and try to catch me," and Thing 1 then zips past my bedroom, through the kitchen, through the little ones' bedroom, through the bathroom, and like a pair of young buffalo, they career through my "work space."

A moment of irritation -- this isn't what I had in mind, and I'm so not good at multitasking. And then I look at them and hear the hilarity. She's really trying to cooperate.

Plus, the thirteen year old wears out. Immediately after, I heard this exchange, "Let's play I lie on the floor and you be quiet."


suzee said...

Three lovely posts, all in a row. Your family gets sweeter by the day.

You *are* kind of brown. I'd never noticed before.

Delana said...

hahahaha that's too funny! Kind of reminiscent of mothers saying "wait til you grow up and have kids of your own".

allisonmariecat said...

Oh, too cute!

When I used to babysit a trio of real terrors, in desperation, I would bust out the classic game "Who Can Be Quiet The Longest?" with a prize for the winner :) Fortunately, they were very competitive with each other, so it bought me a few headache-free minutes.