Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nothin' to say

I just haven't felt chatty lately.

I have been knitting a lot, though. Well, a lot for me. What that really means is that I've been starting a lot of things.

Up to the neck steek on the Kauni Cardigan, but I'm aware that the sleeves are going to feel like something of a slog. Maybe I'll finish the bands first, just to have them out of the way. Or not.

Standard top-down raglan for Thing 3. Warm, soft alpaca, and I'm planning colorwork on the body and sleeves.

A last-minute gift, with lovely fancy soap. Good to have organic cotton in the stash.

And my very first design, for my friend's yarn store. I think it will be pretty and I'll post a link to the store when the pattern is all done (rather than mostly in my head). I'm enjoying the Silky Wool a lot, both in terms of texture and weight. Nice yarn. My friend says they're selling a lot of patterns and I can add "designer" to all of my labels. Snort.

Leaving Wednesday for a week at the in-laws. Except for the gift, which has to be done by the time we arrive, the rest will probably go along for entertainment for me. Maybe I'll actually finish some things.


Susan said...

That kauni is so gorgeous. Didn't realize you were leaving Wednesday. Might not be able to cram my first lesson into this week. Glad you are ok--I've been missing your blog.

Katherine said...

I've been missing you too. The Kauni is beautiful and I'm excited to see your design. Have a lovely week - where are the in-laws, anyway?

allisonmariecat said...

Kauni is beautiful. I've started keeping organic cotton for last-minute stuff, too :)

I'm knitting with Silky Wool right now. I've always loved that yarn.

Have a good trip, Designer Stefaneener!

Jodi said...

That top-down raglan looks so cozy, and good luck with your design! I'm using Silky Wool for the first time right now, and I like it. It has a rustic, earthy feel that I didn't expect. Enjoy your visit!

amanda j said...

Sometimes it's okay to be quiet! Your knitting is gorgeous. The Kauni is mindboggling to me!!

Charity said...

You *have* been busy! Love all the new projects - and Kauni is glowing! :o)

patricia said...

Well, I'm glad the lack of chattiness has fed a lot of knittiness! I'm impressed. Can't wait to see what you're knitting for B's shop.

Have a great trip and keep knittin'!

Wollspinne said...

Whow, your Kauni is wonderfull too.