Thursday, January 6, 2011


Should have known right away something was up when I went out to check the chickens this morning.

It hadn't seemed too cold when I went out front to get the paper and wave goodbye to Eric as he pedaled to work.

But the frost fairies had been hard at work -- only in the beds in more open areas. The back ones get some kind of shadow from the neighbor's trees, and those closest to the house are in a temperature shadow from it, apparently.

The peppers in the front bed (which I somehow forgot to cover) appear so far to have come through unscathed. It's almost time to cut them back, I think, although they're still bearing very slowly. The "fog" in front of them is clouds of steam from Mikey's breath. He loves cold weather, and sadly for him, I don't. Since he loves me most, he's inside more than his pelt would choose. He is, however, a very happy gardening companion.

Beauty as a reward for braving a cold nose:

Four eggs today, bringing the year's total to nine.


Rachel said...

Our peppers have been killed off long ago by the cold. How do you keep yours alive for so much longer?

Mr. H. said...

Brr, that does look cold. There is always something about those first few chilly frosty mornings that make them the coldest even if the temperature continues to go down further later on. I hope the roads arn't to slippery for pedaling to work...can't wait to get our bikes out again.

kitsapFG said...

A hard frost is really very beautiful. We skipped those altogether this year and went from cool and wet to freezing and snowy then back to cool and wet again.