Monday, April 16, 2012

Lots afoot

So much happening. Things being planted out (hot peppers and pole beans so far), things being harvested (peas, celery, a garbage bag full of spinach), and one big thing being built.
Kevin has been making me an unbelievable birthday present:

and Taz is going to find that her easy-access days are all over. I'm working hard getting ready for the Bay Friendly Gardens Tour on April 29th.
Denise and Cat helped process the celery.

I've posted a listing for "soup celery," which is what the San Francisco Chronicle called it this weekend, although I'd call it "trimmings," on Freecycle. Don't worry -- I'm keeping plenty to flavor broth.

Oona can now put herself IN the dog crate.
And Eric and I got to dress up and go to a wedding this week.
Clean up rather nicely, don't we? Unfortunately, Taz proceeded to eat my new shoes the next morning. I had gotten home late and tired, and left them carelessly on the couch. Instead of getting up and taking her running, I'd read the paper. 
Maybe if they'd been behind a fence. I'm very very sad about that.


Annie*s Granny said...

Your garden, the new fence, yourself and Eric are lookin' gorgeous! Boo on Taz for eating those pretty shoes, although if I had to wear high heels I'd bribe the dog to chew them up, LOL! I'm growing celery for the first time, and hope I get enough for soup. Or at least a salad or two.

Stefaneener said...

Ha, Annie's Granny, my inner girlie person has been coming out in force. I rarely wear heels -- and I LOVE these. Alas.
I have a sink full of celery. Tonight I need to chop and saute, and I'm tired.

Michelle said...

Only one night out in those fabulous shoes, it's a shame. Bad Taz. Bad bad Taz. You and Eric looked great and so does the garden.

Happy Birthday!

Daphne said...

BAD BAD TAZ. At least your garden will be safe.

Erin said...

Great photo of you! You will love that fence, even when my garden is a mess it doesn't look too bad when there's a pretty fence surrounding it LOL!