Saturday, September 8, 2012

We were bored. Bored enough to put peanut butter on the dog's nose for entertainment:

Finally, "I can't tell if I'm hungry," I said to Sarafina.

". . ."

"I want something crunchy and sweet," and then I made teeth-gnashing faces at her, to illustrate.

"What about something crunchy and salty?" she asked.

Thinking she had used some of her own money to buy delicious chips or something, I said, "Like what?"


We agreed, popcorn would be good and there were ways to make it sweet, too. Alas! There was no popcorn in the cupboard. I think Oona the niece may have gotten to the jar and broken it, as she's going through a glass-container phase. Then I remembered -- I'm a gardener!

I'm a gardener who grew popcorn.

I'd tried to pop some a couple of weeks ago and didn't have much joy, but the cleaned ears were sitting upstairs in the hot attic in a wire basket, drying out. Might they be ready?

Delicious, homegrown popcorn! I was pretty tickled. The only caveat I had was that this black-hulled popcorn looked alarmingly burnt when popped. The smell was fine, though, so the snack, it was eaten:

Orphan kernels are a favorite of mine.

Though a little bored, we were also interested in amusing the Saddest Girl In The World.

An evening bee sting the night before yielded the typical family reaction:

Benadryl is helping, as are ice baths. She's looking much better.


Annie*s Granny said...

Poor Annie and Otto. I have a feeling I'll soon be bored and have to put peanut butter on their noses. What fun!

kitsapFG said...

You are very good at entertaining yourselves! LOL!

The popcorn looks really yummy. I also blow up like a balloon from bee stings so can totally sympathize. Hope the swelling goes down soon for her.

Kristin Sherman Olnes said...

Good looking dog you got there. Pretty neat to make your own popcorn deary. Cecil's foot was stung too. They could've been sad mates for a day together.

Julie said...

Awww...poor sad girl! I never was allergic to bees stings until three years ago...when I swelled up like a balloon and couldn't walk for a week (and ended up in the ER.) Lovely for someone with a gardening business, hmm? Hoping your sweet girl feels much better! We tried to grow popcorn this year, but I think I should have supervised our kids' planting a bit better...the stalks that grew weren't close enough to pollinate. But--we will definitely try again next year! Your popcorn is inspiring!

Stefaneener said...

Annie, not every dog has the tongue to make slap, slap sounds! But it is very very funny. Do blog if you do.

kitsapFG, we do try! She has unfortunately inherited our swell/itch response. Now I know to push Benadryl for 48 hours. I hope the honey is worth it.

Kristin, thanks much. I'll tell Katie that she wasn't suffering alone. The things beekeeper's children have to deal with.

Julie, that's scary! I wonder occasionally if I'm not heading that way, so I try hard to minimize stings and don't do tough-guy beekeeping with short sleeves and bare hands! I did have to plant more corn as it came up. Between birds and some other mishap, it needed a couple of careful sowings. But we think it was worth it! Thanks for stopping by.

Erin said...

Berners have the BEST noses for that, I often thought if I could get mine to sit next to me reliably for awhile he'd make a good coffee table!

Anonymous said...

you can nutralize bee sting by soaking that place with vinegar for few minutes - it will remove swelling and pain right away.