Monday, December 2, 2013

Making way

Yesterday I thought I might get rid of all of the mulch. I had my work outfit on.

It's fluffy, easy to move, and there are/were many places that needed covering up. So I trundled. Over and over and over, assuming I would keep doing that until I either fell over or finally cleared the great pile.

I didn't finish, however. The kids had needs and wants, and I ended up driving hither and thither, as Sarafina once famously said at about three years old.

So today, I shoveled more. It's still not gone, but there is a bigger dent in it. Between tomorrow and the rest of today, I ought to be able to get it done, if I don't get distracted again.

There are so many things to clear out of the garden, leftovers from the spring and summer. The asparagus appears to be finally dying back, but it also has the weird winter sprouty thing going on that it had before. I pulled bean vines after bean vines, and ended up with a tangle of vines and more pods to shell. With continuing fog and possible rain, I've got to get on top of this stuff. . . and yet, it is sort of sad. So much summer dying out there.

There are still peppers and green tomatoes, and I could probably let it all go, but I am done. Done, done, donnity done, as I said when I told the local beeks I was selling equipment. Time to clear out.

The nice thing, though, about gardening and probably life, is that clearing out makes room for new growth. Sometimes it's great growth like the kale crops doing so well in this bed, and sometimes it's weeds. The oxalis is everywhere in the garden. All I can do is faithfully tend and wait patiently.

Oh, and get out there and shovel some more!


Rachel @ Grow a Good Life said...

End of season cleanup is my most dreaded garden task. I like the break that winter provides. I try to clean up the garden once frost kills everything off. Sometimes I don't finish in time for the first layer of snow. Then it is out of site, out of mind until the snow melts. By spring I am so happy to garden again, that the rest of the cleanup is a snap.

Stefaneener said...

Rachel, I wish we had snow to cover!! It would make the hurry up feel a little less pushy. I know I'll be glad when it's all done.