Sunday, December 25, 2005

Too tired to knit

A long and good day, and I'm too tired to work on my current project, the clock vest from Folk Vests. Besides being complicated enough that I can't read and knit at the same time, Thing Three has been indulging in some book-scribbling lately, and has nearly obliterated the bottom of the second chart. Plus I forgot to reverse directions as I knit, so I have to drop the first rows of some cables as I prepare to knit the second ones, and a full day of family celebrating has left me unable to do that safely. Safely for the vest, I mean.

I suppose I'm going to have to check the book out of the library or borrow a copy to duplicate the damaged chart and then tape it into my copy. Oh well.

We spoke of gratitude tonight -- whether we have it now, whether we had it as children, would our children ever realize their incredibly privileged space in the world? Every New Year's Day, Eric and I make a list of hopes or goals for the coming year. We also do a three-, five-, and seven-year projection. I realized tonight that in five years, I'll be able to more easily travel with all four Things and do lots of stuff, which makes the days ruled by Thing Three's tantrums, Thing Four's naps, Thing Two's destructiveness and Thing One's meltdowns seem like temporary aberrations, rather than permanent conditions. One of my hopes for the coming year is to hold on to that realization -- time is passing, and I'm not going to regret viewing the rough patches as temporary. It's all temporary, really.

I'm too full of turkey, mulled wine, cheesy potatoes and cheesecake to mind any rough patches right now. I had a great day, and my heart, like my stomach, is full. That vest can wait another day.

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