Monday, June 12, 2006

Body ISO Sleeves

Since my husband stayed home from work this morning to watch the United State's disappointing World Cup opener, I got to run solo. After a couple of weeks of not running, after the root canal, I found myself changing from someone who looked forward to getting out regularly and was looking for strength and flexibility things to do on the days I didn't run, to a woman who wondered just how I had ever found the time to get out of the house regularly, let alone to run.

It felt good to be on the move again, especially since without children or dog I was free to go wherever my feet took me. I ran down by the beach and then through a variety of neighborhoods, including passing the house in which Thing 2 was born. I always imagine knocking on the door to the flat and telling the current residents about it, but haven't. Some random thoughts while running:

1. Someone has been catching bat rays and cutting off their "wings" -- for soup, maybe? I passed too many dead on the beach without them for it to be random or natural predators. That's what changed my mind about running all the way down the beach.
2. Upscale neighborhoods on a Monday morning seem like a set from some science fiction program in which all of the residents have been spirited away and replaced with alien beings or pod people. In this case, they were all masquerading as gardeners, roofers, or masons. It got eerie.
3. No matter how many times I imagine sending my dear progeny to boarding school as a relief from the pressures of family life, whenever I pass a crowd of schoolchildren being harangued by a teacher, I figure that I'll keep homeschooling. I don't know where they were being taken today, but a couple of classrooms' worth was out on the street being walked along.
4. Most people out exercising don't look like they need it. It's more heartening to me to see folks like me who aren't full time athletes plugging away, rather than a beach full of what appear to be college cross country runners.

It was nice to be home, feeling as though I'll be able to get back on the exercise bandwagon again. Besides my family awaiting my return, there were these two:

A front and a back. Now all I need are two sleeves. Heh heh. "All I need," indeed. I have high hopes of wearing this before summer is out, at least weatherwise. Since summer heat here is really until the end of October, with fog through July, I figure I'm safe.

Arty shot of YOs -I have to milk them for all their worth, given my history:

Some foul beast dug up all of my blooming cucumbers -- racoon, maybe. Oh drat it all. I guess I'll buy plants and get them in, plus caging them securely. Darn darn darn. No pictures of the devastation.

Even though the U.S. seems as though it is going to have a very very abbreviated World's Cup, I have my project to work on. Chastened by my experience in the Knitting Olympics (and the bizarre ripples it's cast into my knitting life), I'm not making a big deal of it. If/when I finish, I'll post about it. Until then, it's knit, knit, knit.


sarabeada said...

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Rain said...

Your sweater is looking fantastic so far.

It must be great to get back out running again

sewingsuzee said...

Good on you! I'm so impressed.

Plug: My sister has been running for 3 years or so, and is now doing road races. I find her brand new running blog inspirational (although it won't get me running, but attending the gym regularly), and you might, too. It's in my links: Runs Like a Girl.

You are Queen of the Yarn Overs. I'm very, very happy for you. :-)