Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Sweets from the Sweet

Reason umpty-thousand why knitters are wonderful people and blogging brings together friends you would never, ever meet:

From Meredith, way up north, this big, bulgy box, labeled "Received Without Contents" (and I tell you, that is a very strange sticker to find on a box from the local post office) showed up at my door yesterday. Syrup! Quarts and quarts -- well, litres and litres -- of maple syrup evaporated from Quebecois trees! Really! My children can have yogurt now. Because, I'll tell you, in a financial weak moment, I picked up a bottle of faux syrup, and thought, "Mmmm, yes, much cheaper," and then I read the ingredients -- High Freakin' Fructose Corn Syrup -- and thought, "Not for my little kids." And gave all of my money to the syrup folk.

But now, I can laugh, "Ha! Ha!" at the checkout people at Trader Joes and go home and eat lots of maple yogurt. We will raise spoons to the overly-generous Meredith. And then I will deal with someone tugging on my knee, saying, "Maaaa, maaaa, maaaa," because Thing 4 is all about yogurt. She also just today began to walk.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.


Rain said...

Yay for Things 4! She'll be into all sorts of mischief now.

Yay for maple syrup too, how kind of Meredith.

bfmomma said...

(can't see the picture, but...)
How cool! And congrats to the littlest thing who will soon be keeping right up with things 1-3 :)

sewingsuzee said...

Oh my gosh! She was soooooooo close this weekend, just teeteringalmostwalking. Very, very exciting!

Although I'm not a maple syrup fan (I know, I know), I do appreciate how much it means to you and yours, and I salute the Kind and Generous Meredith!

amy said...

oh, my, Go Thing 4! You should definitely laugh. Big milestone.

Yes, the freakin fructose is nasty business, and also much cheaper.

jen said...

So do you restrict fructose intake because it's healthier, or is it really because it would make the little creatures bounce off the wall for two hours, then engage in slapping fights and grumpy mopes for the rest of the night after the high wears off?

Just askin'.

P.S. Knitterly generosity is a beautiful thing.

meredith said...

walking! fantastic!
my liam doesn't care about walking though he's now 1-year and 2 weeks. he wants to climb. anything. bookshelves,cars,the fridge. it's all he thinks about!

String Bean said...

Congrats to a walking Thing 4! Keep your sanity, mom!