Friday, July 7, 2006

Two down

I'm probably not going to make the third (especially with a (cough) lace edging) by Sunday, which was my deadline for the Knitting World Cup, but here without its lovely ribbon is Thing 2's tank top. Despite a few design choices I wouldn't make again, it's a dream. She loves it and it fits, despite the "squinty" v-tops in the front. I think she's most pleased by how much it looks like Thing 4's top. I wonder if they'll wear it to church or some other dressy place.

Thing 2 especially is such a dirt magnet that that would probably be the safest choice.

Despite having zero natural aptitude, I'm off to buy a new spinning wheel. It was just such a good price I couldn't resist. The spinning ladies at the county fair weren't all that helpful when I said that I was making three-dimensional art instead of yarn, as the draft backs up at the throat because of too-thick drafting and overtwisting, so I think I'm going to have to look harder for a mentor.

The fair was lovely this year. Things 1&2 are thrilled to think that they can have Angora goats if they join 4-H (the goats live elsewhere) and although I turned in my bread too late for it to be judged, I got this nice ribbon.

Now, they may have just been being kind, but when they called to tell me to pick it up because I'd missed the judging, I told them to eat it. Why waste perfectly nice bread? In order to get something out of the experience, though, I let them know that I'd appreciate a list of comments as though they were judging the bread.

Today, while the kids painted rocks, I picked them up. The staff raved about how good the bread was, and the judging card was all "superior," and they named it the "staff favorite," and asked me to turn it in again next year.

I'm not ready to leave any knitting with them, though.

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