Thursday, August 24, 2006

Never mind the knitting; here's dinner

This morning I worked really hard to get dinner ready for tonight by whipping up a samosa-like filling of potatoes, onions, peas, spinach, spices, and a little butter like this:

If I had remembered to get ghee it would be more authentic, but I also forgot the ginger and chili pepper. Nevertheless, I managed to get it made and packed a snack on top of it so we could go to a lake and swim. True to summer here, the air was cool while the sun was warm. I managed to get into the water a little, but not too far. Just chasing the littlest one. The high point of the day was when Thing 2 came running out of the water toward me, excited as only she can be, shrieking that she had seen a great big fish and what could she bring it out of the water with?

It took me some time to realize that she was talking about a dead fish. The penny dropped only when I saw another child pulling on a length of fishing line. I think this was a big one that got away -- but only from the fisherperson.

She did pull it out, and it was about a 10-12" ex-catfish. The other mothers there spent a lot of time shouting to their children not to touch it because of germs, and disease, and whatnot. I figured that unless the kids ate the fish, and even probably not then, it was nothing compared to what swimming in water used for all bodily functions by fish and ducks might be doing to them. But I wasn't their mother, I was Thing 2s, and I was actually delighted with her.

Then the lifeguard declined to dissect the fish and threw it away. Since we were not leaving just then, I didn't think I could bring it home for a science experiment. Some learning opportunities you just let go.

After being wrapped in my generic pastry (half unbleached flour, half whole wheat pastry flour, some butter, salt, and water) and baking, they looked like this. This is the lone survivor.

The latest diaper soaker is coming along slowly. I only unknitted the first ribbing and a few more rows, so I'm not actually remaking too much of it. No pictures unless I finish, quite frankly. I'm in the last 25 rows or so, so maybe tonight.


Brittany said...

Oh lordy that looks yummy. I know what we're going out for tonight... (because you know I'm never going to COOK)

Charity said...

We had a similar germy experience at our last lake visit. The kiddies caught a frog, and the other mothers ran in a panic. Ah, well.

sewingsuzee said...

Was it just me, or did anyone else get toward the end of that fish paragraph, see the photo of the pastry and think, "oh, please god - no"?

But once I read it more carefully, I thought the dinner looked very tasty! Glad T2 had fun with the deceased fish.

allisonmariecat said...

Yum! (Not on the dead fish, but on the samosas!) I'll have to get potatoes at the market tomorrow and make some.

Anonymous said...

Suz- I thought the same thing! I forgot the first picture was of a "filling" (it looked good just as it was). I realize now that the samosa looks more like a flounder than a catfish, but for a second...

Stef - You make me laugh about the DISEASE and the GERMS and the shouting. Wait until your kids are with the teen crowd and you can see the ridiculous things they are shouting about and trying to control then!

I guess you can add one more thing to your list of things to remember to pack on the way out of the house - ICE. Then you can bring home the dead fish/road kill/lopped off appendages Thing 2 finds.


jacquie said...

The Samosa filling does look yummy - hope it was as good as it looks. I love Indian food, but not too spicy - I think it spoils it when your mouth and throat are on fire and you can't taste it properly anyway!

bfmomma said...

omg, that filling looks divine! Would you share the "spices" you use? I love indian food, but no one else in my family does. [sigh] So mostly I go out for it. But that looks so wonderful.

And I, too, feared that it was a picture of the dead fish coming up. Relief when it was a samosa! :)

Stefaneener said...

I am sorry that my friends think I'd wrap a dead fish in pastry and serve it up, but I think I did miss a transition in the editing. What I meant to say was "When we got home, the filling looked like this, wrapped in pastry. . ." etc.

Sorry for any horrifying pauses there. The fish, however, did look completely edible, like it was in a fish market (shiny eyes, etc.) It wasn't long dead.

And look, you anonymous person, I do dream of being one of those "Let's dissect the road kill" homeschool moms, but it hasn't happened yet. When it does, we're calling you.

Rain said...

As mothers go, you rock! I hate the 'eek germs' set. My mother was perfectly happy to let me explore and splash through mud puddles.

Dinner looks delicious.