Thursday, September 14, 2006

Deary Deary Me

Well, it happened. I was feeling cocky and the goddess of yarn overs threw me a smack down. The dreaded misplaced yarn over.

I think I can rip back just those 8 stitches, put them on a separate set of needles, and redo the whole thingy. I think. I'm pretty sure I can't do it tonight, though, or at least I am sure I don't want to attempt to. Fiddly knitting fixes involving yarn overs need more focus than I can muster right now.

But I can appreciate the shiny goodness of the pretty yarn. And the fact that Thing 1 made that blue stitch marker sort of in the center. And that she just approached a new LYS owner all on her own and got her markers placed in that store, too. Talk about a proud mother!

And who knows? I'm getting so much help with housework these days, I may just have plenty of time to knit tomorrow.


Rain said...

Aw, check out the wee one. That's too cute.

Things 1 sounds like quite the business woman. The marker is lovely.

Hope you can fix the mistake without too much grief.

bfmomma said...

Oh, no... that's why I don't knit lace! (just kidding... I don't knit lace cuz i CAN'T knit lace!) It still looks awesome...

Thing 4 is adorable, as always!

And have I told you that C. figured out how to do the stitchmarkers, too, and she's LOVIN it!

Sarabeada said...


Charity said...

What a wonderful photo! You have a real sweetheart on your hands, and how nice that she's learning to be helpful already! :0)
*GROAN* So sorry to hear about the lace mishap. I'm sure you'll have it back to where it should be in no time.

aurora said...

Awww, look at the cuteness!

Argh, misplaced yarnovers. It's an icky feeling, hey? Hope it behaves itself when you rip it back :-)

Jacquie said...

Good luck with the fix - I know you can do it!

Beautiful stitch marker there. What an enterprising Thing 1 you have.

allisonmariecat said...

Argh, misplaced yarnover. I hope it's a painless fix. Maybe a glass of wine will help?

Way to go, Thing 1! That's wonderful. And Thing 4 is so cute with her mad housekeeping skills.

sewingsuzee said...

And...? Did the plan work? I would have ripped, because things like that just make me too crazy.

Send that baby over here, it's CLEANING day!

Congrats to T1!

jen said...

Mothers amaze me. How can you spread out so much love among so many?

Is the one offspring still trying to spin?