Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Look what I got!

I got to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium today with six children and my sister! Much hoo-ha ensued. I'm never going to take a walking toddler out in public like this without another adult who is not responsible for her own children (although my sister, "AnNees" to the toddler), is a true help with her. I just would have enjoyed another pair of free hands.

Nevertheless, the Ocean Sunfish had us cracking up. Fun fact? Beginning as larva one-tenth of an inch long, sunfish increase their weight 60 million times. This is one silly-looking fish. Then there were sea otters -- cutest faces in the Pacific -- and jellyfish, and that Great White Shark who cruises around and around and around, and the kids got wet touching rays and decorator crabs ("What you need in this grotto, darling, is more kelp! Maybe that frilly-edged kind. And while you're at it, maybe drape some fishnet around for an edgy detail. Got any anemone friends you could talk into moving in?" Heeeee.) and my favorite animal maybe, the Brown Pelican. They aren't in the aquarium, they're outside gliding around. I want to fly like them just once. Or maybe be one. I don't think they can knit, though, although there's room in that pouch for a whole lot of yarn.

After I got a rare cup of coffee-with-caffeine and the children played at the edge of the bay,it really was time to end this adventure. I didn't even look for a yarn store as our day wound down, though, which I take as evidence of my being completely overwhelmed by that point growing maturity and consumerist self-control. Plus, the baby was tired and we had a long way to go. And I'm not yet a brown pelican.
Me. See? No pelican here.

After driving in excessively heavy traffic both ways -- man, am I glad that commuting isn't any part of my life and yes, I know how lucky I am -- I got home to this:

Aha! My scarf exchange pal is more onthe ball than I am, and when I opened it I saw just how much more! Her very first lace project is in here. Say it with me. This woman sent me her Very. First. Lace. Project. I don't know about you all, but my first [successful] lace project isn't going off to someone I don't know. It's going to my mother, if I get it done. That way, I sort of get to keep it, you know, because it's my mother. Okay, no points for blathering about how fundamentally selfish I am. Maybe it's just because I'm not very lace-intuitive or something.

This scarf is made of Kaalund Yarns' "Classic Two," and it's made in a lace pattern called Fishtail. How appropriate is it that it came today? (Except the sunfish really hasn't much of a tail. Maybe this can make up for it?) The colorway, "wine," has all of Northern California's redwood country in it. Burgundy, like the redwoods, and a deep green, and a winey color I've seen on some suspicious-looking fungus. Anyhow, it's gorgeous.

And the other treats in the box -- a tossed-off facecloth. "Oh, it's only entrelac," I can hear her saying. Yeah, right. And it's only the first lace thing you've ever made, blah blah blah. Wrapped in that little trinket? Lavender soap. Nice lavender soap. And some lip balm -- locally made. Her local, that is. Sesame candy. Some locally made knit-related cards (whoopie! I can impose my passion on people from afar!), and a beautiful moon shaped Moon Valle Bees and Botanicals -- boy, did Stephanie nail me and my passions -- bar of lotion. My sad little cuticles and dry knuckles are, I think, purring.

So hey, Stephanie! Hi!!! Tell your friends I love it. Tell them to read my blog and leave lots of comments! Hi there, Stephanie's friends! Just another nut out here in knitblogland. . .


I finished these last night. If they didn't have the obligatory mistakes that I have to frog and redo so they match, I'd send them to my scarf pal. As it is, she's going to get something else to go with that scarf. I know what I'm going to do tomorrow.


bfmomma said...

Oh, wow! Talk about chock full o' fun blog entry...

The trip sounds fun (except the traffic--that's why I avoid chicago at all costs).

and the scarf package--WOW! Aren't swaps tons of fun? I need to do another one...

Cool! And may your whole week go as well!

sarabeada said...

I took the pic of her!

allisonmariecat said...

Oh, I LOVE the Monterey Bay Aquarium! The otters are always my favorites. I love that you can watch them close up in the aquarium, then go outside and watch the wild ones in the bay.

I adore your decorator crab, by the way.

Pretty, pretty FO. Love the colors.

Alisha said...

which I take as evidence of my (being completely overwhelmed by that point) growing maturity and consumerist self-control.

This made me chuckle. When we were away I saw some great fabric shops and I just did not have the energy to even ask my husband if we could go look.....I love fabric stores and I am so not mature when it comes to fabric stores so I know I was tired to not even look lol

Your parcel looks so excitting.

Charity said...

That sounds like a great experience, even if a little bit crazy to attempt! :0)

What a great parcel! You lucky duck, you!

stephanie said...

Hi Stef! So glad you liked the package. Full of angst while it was in progress, you know; is the color ok, she didn't say anything about the grapey color, but then this would go great w/ her coloring. Is this lace going to be ok, will she inspect it and find it wanting...I can't frog it AGAIN... I'm going to pretend that's really part of the pattern and I'm trying to fool the evil gods by not making it perfect so that they will be jealous and do nasty things to her.. Hmmm, I have some blueish cotton, will this dishcloth go ok in her kitchen. Let me look at that picture a little closer, and oh my can I do this w/out that 3rd corner sticking out at a funny angle because I've picked up the wrong stitches? I know, I know.. TMI.
Anyway, I am so glad you were pleased with the package, it really made my day. I sent the link to your blog to a few friends and my dear cousin in Thailand, but we are all babyboomers and seem to all be clueless re blogs. Maybe it's an age thing.
My friends and I are all blown away with how much you do! We all raise a glass of wine and toast all you!
Best -stephanie

Rain said...

It looks like the Things had a great time so well worth being run ragged.

What a fabulous package to come home to after a long day.

Love the little mitts.

Anonymous said...

Otters are my favorite, too- what characters! We haven't been to the aquarium in 6 or 7 yrs; I think we are due, since the last time, hubby couldn't go.
What a treasure trove of goodies to return home to! I would like to get involved in one of those exchanges- maybe it would keep me focus on one project & on a schedule (yeah, right!)

sewingsuzee said...

Sarabeada, I wondered if that excellent shot was your work!

The aquarium looks like it was great fun. We went on a December weekend, and even overrun with tourists (somehow, I feel I'm a local...?) it was just wonderful. Such a great place!

Neener, you are truly deserving of that wonderful haul, and I know you will return the wonderfulness to Stephanie and the rest of the world in spades.

Marce said...

Nice haul!
Seems like just the sort of thing a busy knittng mom such as yourself deserves :) LOVE the pictures, and way to go on the mitten re-do and the delicious cookie recipe! Thanks for sharing!

Jacquie said...

We loved the sea otters and the jellyfish in Monterey Bay Aquarium too. And then for a special treat we saw a sea otter actually in the sea catching a fish and then eating it lying on his back - they are so cute the way they do that.