Friday, March 23, 2007

Halfway there

Really, I'm halfway done with the Pearl Buck Swing Jacket. See, there are six pieces, and I've knit three of them (two sleeves and a yoke). Therefore, I'm calling myself halfway there. Never mind that the three remaining pieces have some shaping, some patterning, some shaping I'm going to have to fiddle with to add another inch to. . . and they're bigger than the done ones. I'm stubbornly going to stick with my version of reality.

Today? No knitting. But I did finish another lecture, respond to the edits on an early lecture (although I don't feel as though I'm being paid enough to do big rewrites), teach one online class, and did something quite fun.

Spouse and I took Thing 1 out for an educational experience on this:

for a three-hour cruise. Hee. That made me laugh to begin with. It's the Hawaiian Chieftan, and the kids got to raise and lower sails, tie knots, discuss trade routes in the era of tall ships, and do some navigation practice. We got to watch and stay out of the way. Things 2-4 got to go to a lovely friend's house.

These tall ship companies offer all-day cruises for adults and others, with you being more of a crewmember, but this was just a little taste. The other ship, the Lady Washington, was in the movie "The Pirates of the Carribean," as the stolen one.

It was a very pretty day, and the city looked beautiful and far away

But it, of course, was as close as always:

When we got back, it was ice cream all 'round. Don't we look the happy bunch?


Yarn It said...

Oh, I bet your Things loved it and had fun. Looks like a beautiful day out there! When I go it is always foggy. Sometimes knitting is worth putting down for good family time.

Charity said...

Love your logic on the whole "halfway point" thing. Excellent.

That tall ship looks like so much fun! I would love to do something like that. A few years back, we enjoyed watching the TV show, "Tall Ship Chronicles". Did you ever see it?

amanda j said...

Wow! What a fabulous day. Your city looks so different to mine. I wish I could show you another picture!

Your version of reality is all there really is for you! Good luck with the other half!

Robin said...

That looks like a really fun day! I'm sure everyone had a great a time!

Katherine said...

Hey, I understand that logic. My sweaters are often "finished" when they're off the needles - no actual finishing required.

But what a beautiful day you had! Sailing and ice cream: it doesn't get much better (and you even threw some education in there too).

meg said...

What an incredibly cool thing to do- my guys would be over the moon!
Halfway there makes perfect sense- 3 out of 6 are done!
I have to tell you- I spit tea (unsweetened, organic herbal) all over my monitor when I saw #4 Naker-Baby in the bird cage; your kids are a hoot!

Rain said...

What a fabulous day out. It sounds like it was a lot of fun.

Alisha said...

Looks like a great time!!

allisonmariecat said...

That looks so much fun, and makes me long for California!