Tuesday, July 24, 2007

No pictures, except the ones in my head

I've been knitting. Really.

But when I get stuck mentally on a project, I tend to do a lot of walking around and thinking. I'm all-but-back done with the Pearl Buck Swing jacket, and since I've added an inch to each front (for my freakishly long torso), I've had to figure out how to do the same to the back. I think I know how -- but I have to get confident enough to actually try it.

There's so no way I'm doing a dozen this year. Sigh.

And I cast on for a quickie baby sweater for the still very new baby down the street -- and my family is unanimous that it is too small. Instead of ripping and redoing, I'm contemplating giving them a stuffed animal for the baby, wearing a little sweater. Maybe I'll block it like mad.

There has, however, been lots of entertainment in the arena of my dreams. This morning, I realized that the princes of England had to be "stacked" before they could assume the crown and rule the country. By the rules, Harry had to be the bottom half even though he was taller than William. I think he may have said, "It's not fair," just like my bunch does. And they weren't going to do the stacking piggy-back, oh no. They were going to be somehow smooshed into the same person. Just two people's worth. Somehow.

Then, in the same dream, my spouse presented me with a new laptop. I opened it to find a tiny compartment along the side with a slim silver fork and spoon set. Above the (miniscule) keyboard was an eating plate area. It was a "food-friendly" laptop! I didn't know if he'd bought it on purpose because he wanted me not to eat around the big computer, or just in case I spilled something on the laptop. I thought it was a pretty great idea.

I enjoyed the seventh Harry Potter book quite a bit. Thing 1 got it at 3pm on Saturday from the UPS driver (she declined to pose for a picture with him), and at 9:55pm she handed it to me. She came in a few minutes later and said, "Why aren't you reading it?" I was working at the time. I didn't take that opportunity to whine, "It's not fair I have to work first". . . but instead showed her how just a little motivation made the work go smoothly and still left me time to read. Ha. I actually did my work and then stayed up way too long. Good book in any case.


Charity said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the Swing Jacket. The pattern has interested me for a while, and I always like seeing "real" knits, instead of just what's in the magazine. :0)

Rain said...

Hope you figure it out ok. No worries on the KAL, you can always cheat at the end and make 12 tiny sweaters for your christmas tree. I think the KAL has been more about motivation than the end result.

Thank you very much for the offer of the sock blockers too, but I don't think I'd really use them. sock knitting isn't really my thing, it's all about the sweaters for me....

amanda j said...

Dreams huh! What do you suppose all that means? Are you having premonitions about the monarchy?

I am yet to read HP as I haven't even read 6 yet. Purl finished and said "Weird". Not sure what that meant!

allisonmariecat said...

I loved HP, too! I don't know what some snarky fans are complaining about.

Your dreams are such crack-ups!

Jennus Interruptus said...

haha! 12 tiny sweaters for your Christmas tree! An excellent idea. Maybe I'll join that KAL after all... >:)