Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mojo Rising

No sweaters done, but I'm at least knitting again. Maybe it's the new love in my life. Not this one:

Even in her less-angelic moods:

Or these:

Those are the deep, abiding ground of my heart. But something's got me going back to the needles. Look, I'm making a bag out of Lamb's Pride Bulky on 11s -- somewhere to put the tiny cards that used to live in my missing wallet. I'll knit until I like the shape, make another one with a flap, do a side piece/strap, assemble and felt it. I hope it un-lumps.

And I've been spinning (without having Thing 3 turn the wheel for me). Look at this -- he did the dyeing (I think it's a real Tequila Sunrise kind of colorway), and it spun up like this with the color repeats kept in line by spinning it lengthwise, rather than over the fold, as I'm apt to do:

He asked for mittlets, bless his little heart, and in true Twisted Sisters fashion, I gave high-e knitting a try. See how it's biasing in the stockinette? Neat-o, I think. Almost ready to divide for a little thumb. Nothing like instant gratification.

So what is the mystery inspiration for all this creativity? There's a hint under the mittlet. . . . and I can't stop singing "Long May You Run." Give up?

It's my new car!

I firmly believe it is wrong to love objects more than people, and of course I don't. . . but between the spinning wheel and this camper van, it's tough. I used to have a 70's era VW van, and I loved that a lot. Then, briefly I had one of these, and now. . . lucky lucky me.

I'll have to plan a spinning camping trip soon with all of the people I love more than the car!


suzee said...

My god, you're RADIANT in front of that car. You *must* be in love.

It's OK to feel that way, it really is.

Cute mittlets, too!

bfmomma said...

WAHHH! I can't see the new car... or the radiant stefaneener!

Cute kidlets, though. And mittlets!

Katherine said...

Yay for you! Love the new car! And you do look lovely in that picture - it's nice to see.

And yay too for Thing 3's dyeing skills. Those are going to be some beautiful mittlets.

cpurl17 said...

Check you out! That's perfect for a cross-country yarn crawl.

The spinning looks fabulous and I love your beautiful "things"

Charity said...

LOVE your new car! Love it.

I like the spinning, and how it's knitting up. Sometimes you just need the instant gratification of the little projects. :0)

Tamami said...

I am so envious! The car and the spinning camping trip and all. (Hi T1!)

amanda j said...

Look out world! A stunning spinner with a van!

Gorgeous all 'round!

allisonmariecat said...

Pretty pretty car! So shiny and new. I love the spinning as well. Gorgeous colors.

meg said...

Sweet ride! A long-distance yarn crawl is definitely in order :) Glad to hear the knitting sap is rising again.

Morenna said...

Congrats on the new VeeDub! Thank goodness they've figured out how to put effective heaters into the vans since the 70's.

Hey, the green scarf says it would love to move to the west coast and live with you. E-mail me at msmorenna at gmail dot com.

Kate said...

We already know that someday soon, you're going to sneak the spinning wheel out to the van, just to combine as many pleasures as possible...


Alisha said...

Great wheels!! Love the colors of that yarn!!

String Bean said...

I love the singles you're knitting up. They look great! And that car.. wow! Enjoy camping. :)

Laurel said...

I know I'm late, but I'm just checking out your blog (haven't in a while). Niiiice van, babe. And I love the sexy bra (the one on the VAN, silly!). Jealous.