Tuesday, February 19, 2008

At least it's working for someone.

Katherine passed on a "You make my day" award, which is incredibly sweet.

But, since she mentioned how it was the more tawdry details of my life that cheered her up, I figured I'd just add some more.

The stripy sweater? Well, after nearly finishing the hood without a pattern, I tried it on Thing 3. It's too . . . puffy. He looks like a striped marshmallow head. So much for me thinking I can just figure out a hood. I'm going to have to dig up a pattern from some other sweater and redo. The thought makes me feel less than brilliant.

I finally got my dining room painted with the first coat, which isn't actually what's showing in the picture. it's greener, less blue. I'm thrilled. Daughter #1 and husband both say it's too dark. I keep asking, "Too dark for what?" and have as of yet received no answer. We do neither tatting nor brain surgery at the dining table, and there's enough light to spill milk and refuse to eat anything another sibling has described as "yucky." Thing 1 just said it's going to look like a room in some old mansion somewhere rather than a "modern Victorian house." Keep in mind this house was built in the 1880s.

[This color will have dark purply-blue trim. -Thing 1]

At yoga yesterday I was carefully lifting my legs over my head in a triangle head stand when my legs tipped over and I had to make a forward roll to keep from crashing down. Fortunately, it wasn't the kind of day where it was all mats on the floor -- I had room to roll without hitting a better-balanced student. Unfortunately, I managed to sprain my right ring finger knuckle. So I sat there trying not to say, "Ow ow ow" and just felt like an idiot.

I still do.

Thing 4 reported today that she was a "Ma-ah-ah-auve and red" giraffe. When Thing 1 pointed out that these were unusual giraffe colors, she said haughtily, "I'm not really a giraffe."

The she leaned close to her big sister's ear and whispered, "I'm really a dragon."

So there.


Robin said...

You're having a day like I am! Sorry, the exclamation point sounded just a little too much like "misery loves company"...LOL. Thanks for stopping by and wishing me well on my birthday!

Katherine said...

Love the color of your dining room. Too dark for what indeed. But how can you feel like an idiot when you were doing such a fancy move? Now, if you had crashed into someone else... ; ) Sorry you got hurt though.

So does being a dragon usually require secrecy?

Laurel said...

Nice work on the dining room! Do you mind if I ask what paint color it is? I need to know so I can go look it up and get an even bigger vicarious thrill at people who actually get to use color in their rooms. DH believes there are only two acceptable room colors: navaho white and whisper white. Sigh. It's like living in a snowball sometimes.

suzee said...

Dark paint is hard. It took us months to actually try the brick red our bedroom is...just too scary.

Hope they come around.

Sorry about the finger, youch.

T4 is just so very adorable, I can't think why one of you hasn't eaten her up yet.

String Bean said...

In response to your comment on my blog: Well, I already have 5 pairs of socks otn, but if you spin the yarn, I'll knit the socks! I've been playing around with Cat Bordhi's patterns, too. I love knitting with other people's handspun yarn. Send it over quick! :D

Charity said...

Personally, I love the paint colour. But I've also been the chooser of colours my family say are "too dark". :0) But I'd be happy to eat a meal in there any time!

Sorry about the finger. Those kind of injuries are the worst, the kind you really don't want to tell people how you did it.

allisonmariecat said...

Thing 4 continues to crack me up. A dragon, honestly. A girl after my own heart.

I keep remembering the phrase "stripey marshmallow head" and giggling :)

I think the paint color is really cool. Our house has quite a bit of margarita-colored paint on the walls (NOT our choice), and this is a huge improvement.

My sympathies on the yoga injury.

meg said...

Ow-ow-ow! Unfortunately, I can relate; I reached down to grab my knitting bag from under the table, misjudged the angle of attack, & did a full punch into the counter with my right hand. No knitting for a while says the doctor- I say "phfft" & tough it out in a brace.
BTW- the no fuss hat looks great