Friday, January 23, 2009

Glad I ran today

I'm sitting on the porch, grading papers while I'm watching the rain come down. We so need the rain (actually, we need snow in the snowpack for next summer), and it means I don't have to get out and water the vegetables.

This morning, I considered staying in bed and not running. I'm not happy about my return to the streets -- feels like I'm carrying bags of rocks and I'm feeling old-lady and out of shape. But in a move of mind over emotion, I figure that running is probably a better choice than not running. So out I go. Even when I have to stop and walk, I'm making forward progress, mostly.

I'm trying new routes -- the beach, the street, the main business drag -- and the route isn't the problem! The months of illness were much more of a setback than I knew apparently. I long for the feeling of running when it felt good, when I was happy in my body and light in my soul, feet slapping along. At least I'm not coughing now.

But anyhow, I don't have to decide whether or not to run tomorrow in heavy rain, since I listened to my "go run" self this morning and did it in light. Tomorrow I guess it's situps and pushups.


suzee said...

Oh, you DID blog. Well, then!

You blogged about running, I blogged about not running...but I'm glad to hear your voice, even if you are a better man than me.

allisonmariecat said...

Glad you ran!

I wish I could get myself doing some kind of exercise. Now that Lilah's sleep schedule is regular, I'm rested enough. But I'm one of those people who wants all the stars aligned so I can have the ideal workout, when I really need to just get something done. Anything! Even 10 jumping jacks would be something. Argh!