Saturday, August 8, 2009

Full day's round up

Next time, I'll cull the aggressive hen faster.

This is the first time in a long time that the "babies" have been outside. Once "Ms. Peck Them 'Til They Cry" went to a new home where they pet her (!), the little ones decided that they could come outside. The other big hens do enough bossing around that they know there's a pecking order, but it's not sociopathic. Whew.

Eric and I built one more bed this morning. I have got to get them built because until they're all there, I keep acting like they're temporary, and haven't sown a cover crop or anything. Eeep. Just seven more to go. . . Good thing there's a heat wave this weekend; that seems to coincide with our most productive work efforts.

And next time, I'll rent the club's manual extractor again. Tried the electric; didn't like it.

I did pull some lovely capped honey from the hives, though.

And got some help from neighbors and Denise.

Sarafina says it looks as though we have someone trapped in there and are cooking them. Nope, just trying to figure out an unfamiliar piece of equipment.

Before I came to bed there were about four gallons of honey in the bucket, and another quart or so in the uncapping tank. I definitely don't have enough jars saved. Have to get on my friends and neighbors to save theirs for next year -- I plan to do this again!

And that dream I had about a backyard full of kale? If this True Siberian seed grows true, it could become a reality. If you'd like some seeds, email me. They weren't isolated physically, but if they're truly Siberian, they shouldn't have crossed with any other type of kale. We'll see.


el said...

Wow, gallons of honey! What a concept, as here I am going through my last little pint of the stuff.

Hope you get lots of work accomplished.

patricia said...

Gallons? I'd say I'm envious, but that sounds a little terrifying. Maybe starting slow isn't a bad thing.

And are you wearing a hairnet in that photo? Such quality control!

I'm really bummed that I missed it.

Unknown said...

Honey! Yummmy. Someday....

Denise said...

patricia, hee hee, I teased Stefani about looking more and more like a Sicilian crone wearing that hairband...

Stefaneener said...

Turned out to be about 53 pounds of honey. I think we might be able to make it through the year on that!

And no, Patricia, Denise is right. It's a wide hairband. Didn't keep me from getting a fine mist of honey all over my head. Ugh. Turns out it's not that much honey (and this was from three hives, so you're fine).

el, you have no idea. It was a long day, and I have more to get through today.

flowergirl1, are you thinking of keeping bees? It's fascinating.