Sunday, December 20, 2009

Right on schedule

I am, weirdly.

But first, pictures from that three year old Christmas present.

I think she likes it. If she doesn't want to wear it, it would make a nice table runner:

Close-up of mistake free section.

Friends and acquaintances keep telling me how stressed they are by holiday preparations. I keep waiting for the "oh no oh no oh nos" to hit, but they haven't.

You see, I have a Secret Plan. It involves A List:

If I do everything on that list, in the order listed, I should arrive at Christmas morning serene and with enough sleep. We shall see. Tonight, I finished one Fetching, in Jimmy Bean's 8 ply from stash.

Here it is spokesmodeling one of the uneaten gingerbread houses I got made up and decorated with the kids yesterday. (I delivered them, fully assembled, right on time. A List.)

Now I have to go and quilt one end of a lap quilt before I go to bed. Yawn.


Susan said...

I'm reading your blog instead of crossing things off my list. That is why I'm not right on time. Love that gorgeous shawl!

suzee said...

I love your mom. I really do.

Is the bottom house S's? Dang it, I want to SEEEE it.

Also, I just finished Fetching, too. Um. Freezing office. They work great, used 'em yesterday.

Tammy said...

It's lovely! Merry Christmas!

allisonmariecat said...

That is one impressive list!

Oh, the stole is lovely. Really beautiful. *snort* to the closeup of the "mistake-free section." Heh. I do that one, too...

Fetching is very very nice (as is the gingerbread house). I'll have to remember that as a gift idea...

RufusCWebb said...