Monday, January 11, 2010

Harvest Monday Lunch Bowl

Denise, whose garden surely deserves a post or two, gave me a big double handful of tall bamboo poles today. If those peas don't climb, it'll be only my fault now. Do I need to hang vertical strings, or can I put horizontal ones and call it a day?

Today's harvest was of the "handful" variety:

A handful of broccoli side shoots -- pathetically as big as the main head, two red carrots, a few chard leaves, a beet for greens, some mixed lettuces and greens. All got cut up in a bowl with most of an avocado left over from this morning's lunch-making marathon, and yummed down. I had almost forgotten how good fresh lettuce tastes. The dratted birds are still yomping them -- I'll be lucky to get a full head. I don't necessarily want to toss the Reemay on again, but I loathe bird netting. I wish I had a nice, cotton fishnet type thing to put over the beds. Just keep the little peckers out.

The chickens continue to lay like champs. I wonder if they forgot to molt. If I didn't have so much work to do, I'd go out and weed and probably make something wonderful for dinner. Instead, I'm going to pick something easy and fast from the list, unless I pull Speed Grading out of my head somehow. Which also means I have to stop reading blogs. . .


Daphne Gould said...

Horizontal strings ought to be fine. Peas will grab on to anything. Your lunch sounds really delicious. I can't wait to eat fresh lettuce again. I went out for dinner tonight and the salad was pretty pitiful. The lettuce as brown on the edges. Ick.

Unknown said...

I agree, horizontal strings should work fine with peas.

I love handful harvests :)

Michelle said...

I'm very close the the handful harvests also, especially if the gophers have their way. But, a handful from your own garden beats a bushel of brown edged lettuce from the market! The red carrots are beautiful, what variety are they?

Kristin said...

I've got about the same amount of broccoli. I've never seen such a pretty carrot. Eating a lunch like that will keep your mind alert and your body svelte. I have black bird netting that you can't see...maybe you'd like that better? The bamboo pole should be adequate and look really cool, but why not use hemp string between two poles for better access?

Jeff Vandiver said...

At least you have a harvest. :-(
However, spring will arrive soon, and everyone will have something to show on Mondays. Yay!

kitsapFG said...

I call those "dribs and drabs" harvests! Makes for interesting salads and depending on what specifically was harvested... often result in good stir frys too!

Mr. H. said...

That looks like the makings for a perfect little salad.:)

Ribbit said...

Speed grading!? Count me in ;)

Stefaneener said...

Thanks Daphne -- I hate bad restaurant salads. Not even worth it.

GrafixMuse, you'd enjoy my yard right now then.

Michelle, I didn't know you had gophers. Not much fun. The carrots are from Gourmetseed's "Galactic" mix, and I want to say they're Cosmic Purple -- they're only red on the outside. And kind of spicy.

Kristin, if that was all I ate, I would disappear. I put some strings up when I got the poles, but I'm going to have to assess the damage after the wind and rain. The big peas were leaning yesterday.

EG, spring will, no doubt, come, and everyone will be gathering bushels full, you and granny especailly.

kitsapFG, yes, we had stir fry by the handful yesterday too.

Mr. H., you're right on.

Ribbit, there's more to do today! I wish I had a foolproof method to crank it out.

mark marino said...

that is a beautiful winter harvest !
thanks for the inspiration - mark