Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Change of the guard

Last year, I grew Japanese Indigo in my garden, and did some dyeing experiments with it on Sheep Shed Studio mill ends.

The first filled bobbins are now all plyed -- 295 yards of about sport weight three ply:

The lighter side is probably truest to color; it's cloudy today.

Because I am not the kind of person for whom details work out, one bobbin finished before the other two. And they looked so even! Anyhow, once I wind those two off to make another one again, I'll finish plying and end up with a bit over 300 yards. I spun this as worsted as I can, and it's crisp -- no bounce, lots of shine. It should make something nice and intricate. Now, if I can only think of an appropriate pattern. Maybe Koolhaas? But who needs another hat?

The really exciting part about finishing this yarn is getting to switch from my Lendrum's stock slider option to the Woolee Winder that Eric gifted me for Christmas. I can't wait to just spin without stopping. And it fulfills my weird flat filled bobbin mania. There's some orange fiber with my name on it upstairs. . .


runninghitherandyon said...

Gasp! It's gorgeous. Love it. I'd just keep it like a puppy, no knitting.

Catpad said...

that's gorgeous!!


allisonmariecat said...

Oh, wow! That is a gorgeous blue! And with indigo from your garden? You'll have to start keeping sheep next so you can make yarn from scratch :)

Maybe a narrow scarf?