Monday, August 9, 2010

Green is a lovely color

And yet, and yet. . . I'm getting just a teensy bit tired of it. (Yes, anyone is welcome to remind me of this in about two weeks' time.) We have had a terrifically cool summer. It's almost showing off to mention it, because I know we have family and friends who continue to swelter in unaccustomed heat, with them and their gardens suffering. Changing weather patterns hurt everyone, just in different degrees of severity.

Knowing that I'm not, by any stretch of the imagination, suffering, I do wish to whine about one thing.

Or a few. Such as this one:

And these wasp-waisted jewels:

Next to them, orbs of shiny green loveliness:

And finally, finally, on a plant that bloomed for the first time in February, for goodness' sakes, something that looks about like what we're all waiting for:

We complain mightily when it's too hot, as almost no one here has air conditioning, but I wouldn't mind a few more ripe tomatoes! Thank goodness for the Sungold cherries!


Jeff Vandiver said...

No A/C? That would be a problem around here. It looks like you'll be eating some tomatoes soon!

kitsapFG said...

We are experiencing the same thing as you. So cool this year and nothing is maturing like they should - but the tomatoes are the hardest hit by the lack of heat. I am getting some ones and twos of ripe tomatoes from the Siletz plants but nothing much else and everything is kind of stalled out again because the weather went rainy and cold for the past three days. There is the hope that we will warm up somewhat later this week but I am getting gunshy of getting my hopes up at this point.

Erin said...

It's been hot as all get-out here, and although my hybrids have been ripening, the heirlooms are just now getting their act together, I had enough this morning to get a batch of sauce going in the crock pot... finally!

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Right there with you. Drowning in an ocean of GREEN tomatoes. My peppers wouldn't mind seeing the sun too. It's so damp here, that this morning I had a banana slug INSIDE the house! Even they've had enough of the weather :P

Stefaneener said...

EG, we're right by the beach. No one has AC on the coast. Just one more reason why it's really pretty nice here.

kitsapFG, I wonder if plastic wrap would help. We get sun every afternooon, but morning fog. It's supposed to stop in July! Maybe they'll hold until September.

Erin, tomatoes and peppers are really the only argument for heat. Good for you for the sauce.

CVF, I used to have earthworms that crept into my house in VA, but a banana slug is much more exciting. We have tons of peppers, but come to think of it, they're all green. . .

michelle said...

You have my full permission to whine all you want about the miserable weather and I'll be whining right along with you. Green tomatoes and green peppers and runty eggplant, whine whine whine whine whine..... It's no fun to whine alone.

Somebody somewhere must be experiencing a perfect summer. Where?

Daphne Gould said...

A lot of the houses here don't have AC either. Our new house does and I'm so glad for it this summer or I would have been investing in window air conditioners.

I'm hoping you see some more red soon.

Ribbit said...

No AC!!! NO AC!!!! I second EG. Next to indoor plumbing, AC is a must around here.

At least some tomatoes are looking promising!

Stefaneener said...

Michelle, okay, I'll happily take your co-whining. Although I realized today we are getting a full four-five hours of sun every day. It's just cool. Personally, I love the weather. I just want some red tomatoes too.

Daphne, it's hopefully going to be a fluke summer, not the pattern of things to come.

Erin, remember where I am. No AC is not an issue here, really. A few miles inland, it is. You're the weather-trooper.

thyme2garden said...

I've been hearing a lot about this "cool" summer you're having out west, but I almost can't even remember what it's like to be in below-70 temps, unless you count AC-induced coolness. I will be visiting my family in CA this weekend, though, so I guess I'll finally get to enjoy the cool summer for a couple of days.

Stefaneener, did you take those tomato pictures in the dark, with a flash? I never thought to do that, but hey, the pictures came out well!