Friday, December 2, 2011

I meant to do one of these

I still like the copper chicken sculpture. Maybe I should try to make more garden art.
Oddly enough, Tor, Ellie, and I aren't as good at archery as we hoped. The box with a turkey drawn on it remained mostly unscathed, but the irrigation pipe is a goner.
Cilantro can be picky for me -- won't germinate, bolts immediately, etc. But let a plant go to seed, and it's Salsa Pathway! Maybe I'll use the last of the tomatoes and make a batch, after harvesting with nail scissors.


kitsapFG said...

LOL! The archery damage in particular had me snorting coffee on my monitor. I am afraid that would be the result of any such attempt on my part too. :D

I like the chicken sculpture - pretty nifty!

Stefaneener said...

kitsapFG, if she had actually been aiming at it it would have been a crackerjack shot.
Sigh. We may keep buying turkey. Thanks for the compliment!