Saturday, February 4, 2012

Slow(er than planned) Food

How to eat twelve ounces plus of kale for a meal?

Simple. First, prepare a chicken for roasting. Olive oil, salt, roasting rack.

Then, make kale chips. Use the Lacinato because it's smooth. Yum. There goes almost four ounces.
Eat these while waiting for dinner.

Then, stem and tear over nine ounces of Red Russian kale. This has been harvested by ferociously nipping back the volunteers. They didn't get planted; they don't get careful treatment. They bolt? They bolt. Tonight, it's kalefest! Prepare a cast iron pan with olive oil. Fill it with kale.

Be reassured that it will cook down to 1/3 its size.

Cut up a sweet potato. Toss with olive oil and put in a dish that matches the one the chicken is in. Put it in the oven to roast. Consider baking a couple more, just to have cooked sweet potatoes around. Realize you are probably the only one eating tonight who wants sweet potatoes in any form.

Make the kid do the risotto she had promised. Refuse to tell her what to put in it (tonight, the answer might well be "kale," so she's actually lucky). Insist you like "plain" risotto. Answer her that, yes, you did mean to put the chicken in the oven earlier. Revise the dinner hour back a bit.

Be glad you had those kale chips to tide you over.


Mr. H. said...

We tried the kale chips a couple times this past summer and messed them up both times...too crisp. We will have to give it another go this spring when there are tons of greens to spare. Sounds like you are certainly making good use of your kale...I think the Russian variety is still my favorite.

kitsapFG said...

Sounds like a typical Sunday meal around here. Things just kind of move along at it's own pace. (like me!)

Stefaneener said...

Mr. H., I overcooked ours, as you can see. It's better without overcooking, but edible even with. I ended up picking bits of kale out of my keyboard last night.

kitsapFG, I have hungry people so I usually have to get moving. Some were gone, so it was easier. And eventually everyone was fed and in bed. . .

Kristin said...

Yummy! I can't get enough kale--any kind is fine. I'll definitely check out your kale chip recipe because my wing-it version was carcinogenic i.e., burnt. What you described sounds very peaceful and relaxed.