Saturday, March 31, 2012


Or would it be fauna? We've come to really enjoy sourdough pancakes, and I figured I'd spend a few minutes sharing the love because they're so easy to make. Start with a fed sourdough starter:

For each cup, add an egg,

Add a bit of sugar,

A little bit of baking soda and a pinch of salt,

Some fat. Here, I'm using coconut oil which I'll melt before mixing, but you could use butter, oil, whatever

One of the things I like is how bubbly and light the cakes are.

Ready for syrup, or jam that didn't set, or powdered sugar and strawberries.

I've never figured out how to feed a sourdough starter with whole wheat flour, but this one has been robust for a long time.


SunnyBeachJewelryGarden said...

Oh, could it be done without eggs? My hubby is vegan

Stefaneener said...

You could certainly try, but you might have to have something with that kind of feel -- flaxseed ground and mixed with water works in quick breads. It would probably take either experimenting or a careful Google search!

kitsapFG said...

I have no made pancakes (sourdough or otherwise) in quite a while and am Jonesing for some. Your post just made it worse! LOL!

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Mmmm...they look tasty. I love to make sourdough pancakes too, and serve them with homemade olallieberry syrup! Although sourdough chocolate cake was pretty good as well ;) Always fun to find ways to use the extra starter...I hate to throw it away!

Stefaneener said...

kitsapFG, happy to enable.

CVS, oh, I haven't really had extra. . . I only save the 1/2 cup each time to reuse. I'll have to look up the cake recipe. We've been on a cake kick!

Kristin said...

Can I get some starter from you?