Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Peter Pepper's got nothing on me

More jars of pickled pepper rings. Again, I sure hope Eric ends up liking these; the plants are ramping up production as we're into what passes for high summer here.

Even though it's summer, it's sweater weather! I just finished the first of three that were all on the cusp. The other two need zipper and trim, and just a zipper, respectively. I used to keep my knitting blog separate from this one, but I'm starting to realize that I'm happier with everything in one place, so I've tried to append all the posts from my old blog onto this one. If you're into spelunking, you can read much more about knitting than you might have wished once I get it all straightened out. In the mean time, here's the front view of my newly-completed Tea Leaves Cardigan.

The multi-headed sunflowers are going gangbusters. It's going to be a pretty week.

Also, I should pull my stomach in when I stand up.

Back view. Were I to make this sweater again, I'd modify it with a narrower neckline (maybe another repeat of the ruching pattern), and I'd make the body and arms wider. It fits like a dream from the back, but it doesn't button well -- lots of gaps. And those arms are very narrow for someone who is doing as many pushups as I have been lately!

Made in Miss Babs "Vlad," and very pretty in color.

Knitting is super-streaky for me. Either I'll leave it alone for months or get all happy and race through things. Maybe I'll get a zipper or two tomorrow and finish the other ones. That would really clear my mental decks. Maybe I could even make some more pickles!


Daphne Gould said...

Beautiful sweater.

A.N.N.'s Educational Services said...

Nice sweater. I totally understand about having it all in one space. When I started my blog it was suggested I do a few on the different facets of my life... no! too much work. And I am glad I didn't as I should probably do a better job with the one blog I have. I also get into zones. I was thinking about it the last few days as ALL i really have been wanting to do is stay home and sew. But I didn't :) Oh and last thing... you and Denise do not look like twins in this picture. I had to take a double take. Who is that lady on Stefani's blog.

Stefaneener said...

Daphne, thanks!

Erika, you're right. And that is me, not Denise. She's behind the camera for the sweater. Heee. My neighbors get us mixed up all the time. And now that the oldest is driving, they're mixing her up too!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

You knit plus all that gardening! Wow! Nancy

kitsapFG said...

Gorgeous sweater - and the model is pretty good looking too! :D

I have no patience for knitting or crochet work but I have a sister who designs crochet and beadwork and has many of her designs published (Annies Attic and Crochet World). I am quite proud of her and am always amazed at her creations.

I think blogging about your whole life is probably much more interesting. I tend to compartmentalize only my vegetable garden activities in my blog - but often wonder if I should start sharing much more of what else is happening in my life.

Erin said...

Definitely my kind of canning, love those peppers! Pretty sweater too!