Sunday, January 27, 2013

Beginning Again

The wagon which is blogging is easy to fall from.

When my inner life becomes more complicated, some things go away faster. Things such as gardening, knitting, baking. . . they're just gone.

Fortunately, not all of the garden knows this.

I finally clipped off the second, brought-to-you-by-global-warming frond growth,which is the juicy-looking green stubble, only to find this spring's crop coming up. If I harvest responsibly, we should get about eight spears of edible size before needing to let the crowns grow and replenish.

Since I have finally found a modicum of knitting mojo (two presents done, a new sweater 20% finished), and spent some time spinning last week, and got a few seeds put out under bird cover, there's hope for the garden yet.

And if there's hope for the garden, can the gardener be far behind?


Unknown said...

Don't you find it challenging to blog about gardening when the garden is sleeping? I do. I wrack my brain for ideas, but heart just isn't in it. I think my brain and creativity goes dormant with the garden. Still, that bit of asparagus peeking through--that's enough to get the garden lust back, for sure! I'm crossing fingers and toes that we might--might have enough asparagus for a full meal or two this year. (Three years in now!) Patience and asparagus go hand-in-hand, huh? But it's so worth it! Glad to see you back! ;-)

Erin said...

Welcome Back!

Stefaneener said...

Thanks, Julie. I'm wondering if I shouldn't let it go again this year. Most of the sprouts are teeny in diameter, and I expect that those big ones are probably pulling a lot of the weight of growing the crowns. Another year's wait would be hard, though.

Erin, thanks!