Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pest Control Help

After using dish soap as a homemade aphid spray, the population of aphids hasn't gone away. It has, however, diminished, and just in time for the natural upswing in ladybugs. I'd noticed some beetles and some eggs, but yesterday, everywhere I looked, I saw eggs, mating adults, adults rambling around, and many many larvae hoovering up aphids. Hooray!

This tree isn't out of the woods either insectally or fungally, but it's a bright moment at least. And fewer aphids fall on my arms when I walk past it, too.


Michelle said...

That is so cool! (is it cool to say cool these days or am I daring myself?). But it is cool! The beneficial bugs are so amazing, give them a little time and they will show up. There's lots of ladybugs in my garden at the moment, and I've seen other good bugs in there too. It always amazes me how they can really clean up.

Michelle said...

that should be DATING not daring, I can't type on these faux keyboards.