Thursday, July 11, 2013

Brilliant Repurposing

At least that's what Ellie called it.

220 yards of spindle-spun-and-plyed baby camel and silk. I needed to use all kinds of kitchen tools to get it from the spindle to the skein holder, which is also somewhat jury-rigged. In the absence of the 1" dowels, salad tools worked fine.

Odd how months of spinning, in odd moments, and often forgotten, wound off the cop, whooshing on the hook in the tea cup, in less time than it takes to take pictures.

220 isn't enough to do a lot, but there is much more left unspun, and much spun but not plied. It's a satisfying project.


Melissa K. McDonough, M.P.P. said...

Sometimes you're so amazing you leave me breathless. Is there anything you don't do? Like leap buildings in a single bound? ;)

Stefaneener said...


You should tell my spouse this and get the real story.