Sunday, February 9, 2014

Makings, Old and New

Nothing warms this knitter's heart like seeing a beloved sweater passed down among the kids. It's softer, felted, and still delightful.

I think there's an adult in the making. She's still not that close, but growing up takes a LOT of energy, and sometimes you have to fall asleep, face down on the floor. Under the dining table.

She's been busy with school projects. I give you the Sewer Pipe Harp.

For some reason, apple pie seemed reasonable for tonight. I cheated and bought a crust, but it's still mostly homemade. It may end up as breakfast tomorrow.

And there's knitting, but it's mostly left over from unfinished Christmas, so I'm not showing it. And the rain is reminding me that there is at least a chance we're having a winter, so that's nice. If wet, and doggy, and drippy. I know there are people with much worse weather out there, so I'm not too upset. It's good for us, certainly.

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