Tuesday, September 30, 2008

All hopped up

Thank goodness for over the counter cold medicine. Even though the cold still has me tightly in its grip, I'm able to sleep. And, as any parent who has been through an infancy or two knows, with enough sleep, one can do anything!

Besides the regular cleaning, grading, homeschooling, parenting, and sweeping that is my daily lot, I also learned that double-digging, a la John Jeavons and his crew, isn't bad, especially if you have beautiful, crumbly, moist-cake-crumb soil. One of the compost bins is nice and ready, so I felt very accomplished while spreading it over the bed. Plus, I'm sick enough that running sounds like a very bad idea, so even though this digging made me shake for most of the afternoon, it was at least somewhat active.

The Fuji apples in the front yard have been blooming like it's spring. I don't know if they're on time or just fooled by all of the leftover bath water they've been sucking up. I know some ladies who are pleased by this, though, and it's good timing as not much is in bloom.

The seedlings in the flats are doing well. Besides my own anality, planting carefully in flats would also avoid the carpet of lettuce I'm wrestling with. Planting out teensy leeks

and kales

and spinaches and broccolis and cabbages and lettuces is hard enough when they're not tangled up

all over each other.

I wish the little ones could write clearly enough to do the intensive record keeping I'd prefer. I'll have to think of some other way for them to help.
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allisonmariecat said...


I love the bee/blossom photo. Lovely.

suzee said...

Feel better soon (although you look pretty high-functioning for somone sick!)

You're going to have some fabulous late fall meals.

Katherine said...

Feel better, although apparently you get more done on cold medicine than I do on a healthy day. If I could figure out how to get more sleep I would.