Thursday, September 4, 2008

I. Have. Had. Enough.

Ten minutes into the Not Back to School Picnic, I packed the younger three up and amid much wailing, drove them back home.

I can't deal with their behavior, and no "system" I've tried works.

I can only conclude that I can't parent effectively. I see nothing good in my childrens' futures, given their present behavior patterns.

No advice, no commiseration please. I just quit.


Katherine said...

I'm so sorry you've having such a hard day. But packing them up and going home is a pretty good bit of parenting, I think. They'll be sure to listen better next time.


turtlegirl76 said...

Good for you for following through on the ever present phrase "If you don't knock it off I'm gonna turn this car around!"

katesaid said...

There are totally times when I look at my daughter and I think, "I am going to spend so much money on therapy. Or bail."

Not so much with my son, yet, but he's young. She didn't make me half as insane at 4 as she does at 8. That's some disturbing math, right there.

suzee said...

The one who is mostly "done" seems about perfect to me (I don't spend enough time with the others to gauge), so you must be doing more right than wrong...

My only piece of parenting advice to folks with wee ones is to do exactly what you did today. So I got nothing to offer even if you were taking.

Morenna said...

Ok, so no commiseration and no advice. I can do that.

How about a big pat on the back and a round of applause? I think you did just the right thing if they weren't behaving appropriately. Of course, I didn't have to listen to the wailing either. Tomorrow will be better.


Pancake Goddess said...

((hugs)) I'm walking myself right into what is likely to be a similar situation today, but staying indoors all day bc of rain is just not an option.

meg said...

I'm in no postion to offer advice- 1/3 of mine are pretty much bombed; commiseration is redundant; you pour the wine & I'll change the subject.