Tuesday, September 29, 2009

8 eggs for a 4 egg loaf

Ellie has been asking nicely (okay, whining incessantly) for french toast made with challah. She wanted me to buy challah at the store, and I pointed out that we have chickens at home who lay lots and lots of eggs and I in fact, know how to make bread.

Today was Baking Day. Granola, dried apples, sandwich bread, scones, I planned to keep the oven (and myself) hopping.

Of course managing the flow of yeast breads is something probably left to professionals or at least people who don't occasionally have to leave the house. I missed the sweet spot for the whole wheat loaves to go in the oven and have sort of bricky bread. (Cut in half, then flip cut ends down and slice vertically, and even the flattest loaf is big enough for a sandwich or toast.) The challah had over risen and had to be punched down again and reshaped.

You'd think I might have noticed that it was, well. . . big for the loaf pan, but no. I just redid it, braided and patted it, and slapped it in the pan. Later I baked it.

My new oven actually has a see-through door. Fun, but it also allowed me to see that I had made a fairly large error.

That was actually two loaves' worth of bread. The braid top is easily as big as another loaf all by itself. Oooops.

FrankenChallah tastes great, and I went ahead and made another batch, using four more eggs, and only screwing up what kind of flour I used this time.

Thank goodness the red kale seedlings are so cute and frilly. I spent some recuperative time outside cooing to them.


Kristin said...

I think it is so cool that you have a baking day, just like they did in the pioneer times, and you make all that incredible stuff for your family.

patricia said...

I don't know about Frankenstein--from this angle it looks like a challah version of Kilroy Was Here.

But does Kilroy make good french toast?

Ribbit said...

There is nothing in the world like french toast Challah. It's the nectar of the gods.

kitsapFG said...

Even the ones that don't quite turn out according to plan - often taste just great all the same. I need to get back into my baking groove - took a little hiatus from it over the hottest part of the summer but that is now behind us.

Daphne said...

I haven't made challah in years. I ought to again. I never made it in a bread pan though. It had fancy braids done with an egg wash and was baked on a cookie sheet. I never thought about making french toast out of it. I don't think it would last long enough for that. My son could sit down with a loaf of challah and it would be gone instantly.

Stefaneener said...

Kristin, it doesn't always happen but the cooler weather made heating the oven a pleasure rather than a chore!

Tricia, it really did have a huge nosey hang-over. It was Something Else.

Ribbit, you're right! I had a taste this morning of what was left after they got into it.

kitsapFG, it was fine bread, although a bit overdone on the nose and softer in the middle. It's just not meant to bake in that much mass. Summer really isn't the time for baking, and oddly enough, my kids eat less bread during the summer too -- cause? effect?

Daphne, I make it on a pan when I want traditional challah, but I thought the structure of a loaf would hold up to the intended purpose better. The second batch is more restrained. They ate half of the big loaf (essentially an entire loaf) all by itself last night. Just hoovered it up, as they will . . .

el said...

Hah, I had French toast made from challah when in NYC earlier this month. Sometimes it's nice not having to make everything!

When I fire up the oven after a summer of self-imposed baking exile, it takes me a bit of time to get my groove back. Kind of like canning season, starting with the strawberries: messy! takesforever! whydoidothis! But: I think your bread looks wonderful.

Toni said...

There's nothing better than the wonderful aroma of fresh baked bread filling your home!

I too, love to make bread!!!

And french toast from homemade bread... is the BEST!

It comes out a little different every time!

Was it incredibly yummy?