Saturday, July 9, 2011

Time for Camera Help

I spent 20 minutes outside today taking pictures for the blog. Peppers, beans, round zucchini, epazote, cucumbers, strawberries, our new dog (yes you read that right), tomatoes. . . and this is what I came up with.

One lousy picture of the Fagioli Pavoni (I think; maybe Stregoni). Pretty blossoms - they're a light apricot in color, but seriously?

I'm pretty annoyed. There's some disconnect between the big zoom lens and the autofocus, and I just need to replace the lens I used before. I miss my Lumix camera. Sigh.


el said...

New(er) dog? What's with you girl, your baby instinct going toward 4 legs now?

I have no help for you; my pics uniformly are awful.

have fun!

Unknown said...

I am on my 4th camera for blog photos. Every time K gets a new camera, I get his castoff to try to adjust to. The only way is to take lots and lots of pictures....many of which will not be suitable for blog publishing. Good luck :)

Oh, and please, please tell us about the new dog :)

kitsapFG said...

I had to replace my camera a few months back with a newer version of my old camera. I want my old one back! LOL! This one does not take as good a quality of picture and is more fussy to download files... more steps and it adds time when I am doing a large amount of pics or want to just hurry and do a fast blog post.

Daphne Gould said...

I still have my ancient Canon Elph. In previous years I'd bring my hubby's digital SLR out, but I really don't know how to use it. And mine I know I can beat up and get dirty and not worry about ruining an expensive lens.

Single Gal said...

I feel ya! Sometimes all this electronic stuff drives me up the wall. Even now, something was up with my wifi connection, and I have been waiting for about 45 minutes before I could get connected back to the internet.


Stefaneener said...

El, no, thank you. I have zero baby urges -- besides, I have a new baby niece to fulfill any stray ones. The dog is a present for the DOG. My pictures are okay; my camera is giving me trouble.

GrafixMuse, I don't know that updating is a benefit any more. We just keep breaking lenses! Expensive and wasteful. I agree with you, though, that quantity is the key.

kitsapFG, I hate that. My camera is good, but I don't get it the same way.

Daphne, sounds as though you have the right idea.

ZZ, welcome! I grew up in Southern CA so your place looks familiar. I'm lost if anything happens with the computer.

Single Gal said...

Yeah, I wouldn't say that I'm lost with the computer, but I have this computer story, I don't know if I shared it here before or not, but here goes:

I got a virus on my computer a while ago, so I decided to take it to a computer place to have them fix it. They guy at the store said it would cost about $200 to fix it. And then since, I didn't have my charger with the computer, it's another $100. It was like forget it. I decided to try a restore/recovery thing on my computer. I did it, and my computer was just like new.

I felt bad for people who don't have a computer person around to help them out. There's probably some poor soul out there who would have paid the $300 to have it fixed, and wouldn't have known they could keep that money.