Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy busy

So much to do over the past week that the garden, I'm afraid, got short shrift. In between things a few chores got attended to, such as knocking down the favas and vetch, seeding the old brussels sprout bed with clover, and starting the process of finding a buyer for the hive at my friends' house.

I even forgot to water some seedlings at a critical junction, and now don't know if I'm going to get new kale any time soon.

What, you ask, could have kept me so busy that I'd neglect garden chores? Well, we had family visiting, one prom, one art show for two kids, six days of various kids' sports, culminating in a win at the state level, and for a bit we thought the youngest had chicken pox. Busy times. But lots of fun.

And yet, the garden keeps its promises. Though beset by brown spot and awash in aphids, I dare to hope that the Katy apricots will ripen instead of falling prey to disease. My mouth is pretty happy about that.

Maybe eventually we'll have quiet time to enjoy it.


Curbstone Valley Farm said...

The aphids have been horrendous this year! Especially for us, our favas were encrusted in them in early spring. Now the favas are just laughing at me, and taunting me, as I'm sure they know I should have pulled them out already, but like you, sometimes life gets a little hectic, and the garden can fall behind. Glad I'm not alone! ;)

kitsapFG said...

You have definitely been quite busy. Sometimes the best I can do is splash some water on the most needy plants and wish them all luck in doing without me for a while. The garden is amazingly resilient and usually does okay until I can once again provide full attention.

Michelle said...

I'm surprised you found any time to spare for the garden! I have to send you some seeds for a new-for-me heirloom kale that I'm trying this year, it's extremely cold hardy which makes it extremely resistant to bolting in our mild climate. I've read that it may grow for more than two years before it bolts, if ever. It's very pretty but my plants aren't big enouh to put it to the taste test yet. Anyway, non-bolting kale would help with that gap in the harvest. Lark's Tongue kale, that's the name.

Stefaneener said...

CVS, I'm just hoping the aphids are a minor annoyance, in the big scheme of things. I hit some with spray oil on the apple tree, but that's all. Go, ladybugs!

kitsapFG, it's good that the garden wants to keep going, because there are times I can barely get out there!!

Michelle, that would be terrific! We need to do a Bay Area get together soon. My baby kale seedlings are pretty sad right now.

Kendra @ A Sonoma Garden said...

I wish we were going to get apricots this year. We have two trees but I don't think Sonoma is the ideal place for them.

Congrats on the state win! I hear you on all the business, good thing we garden in year round climates so we can always catch up on garden chores at some point.