Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Actual Knitting Content

I have pictuuuuuuures!!!

Auxilliary Backup Camera (ABC) arrived today, so I gathered up my work of the past month or so and took pictures. I also took pictures of Thing 4 "playing" the piano and of her covered in refried black beans, which Eric promptly made into wallpaper on my computer, but that's a separate issue.

Without further ado, here we have Cabaret:

This is after a few wearings and a delicate machine wash and a machine dry. I like this sweater more every time I put it on. The yarn is a treat and I believe it looks nice on me, too:

The tank top I finished for Thing 2 (Thing 1's is still about four rows in, waiting for a picot edge. I kept trying different lace edgings, and let's just say, I'm still about 0 for 4 where lace is involved.) I am very unhappy with the neck line -- I probably should have read a bit about v-necks before attempting one off the cuff. It looks like she has crosseyed shoulders, but that's the way learning happens here. It fits her as though I measured her and checked my gauge, which I did. The paired decreases making the "darts" worked especially well. There are four, two front and two back.

That fascinating slip-stitch tweed pattern? I gotcha right here.
I don't know if I'm ever going to get over what I thought was a mistake and now can't really find (it was near the top. . .) and want to make a gigantic i-cord strap for it. I may just want to make a black and white version for my cell phone. Only this time I'd use a three-needle bind off for the bottom rather than seaming that, and just seam the side -- for some reason I couldn't make this pattern fly in the round.

I find it kind of amusing that though I never leave the house without a full complement of gear and children, I think knitting a teensy phone pouch will suffice. It's as though there is another person in my head, thinking: "Cell phone, got it. . . couple of dollars, okay. . . bike lock key. . . I'm good to go!" That person then hears me yelling from the front porch toward the (unbearably dirty) minivan, "Just because you are in the car does not mean that we are ready to go! Ask if you can help carry things!" as I stagger out the door holding Thing 4 so she won't sprint down the front stairs, the key/wallet combination I carry because if they're not hooked together I lose one, spare diapers, knitting bag, lunch for 5, sunscreen, a sweater if we're going very far, towels, toys. . .

Some day. And hey, I just bought a pair of spiffy black pants. Maybe Thing 4's godmother will babysit again soon and I can dress up and carry a tiny pouch and feel chic! But in the mean time, I am so very in love with this pattern that I'm seriously considering buying more tiny cotton to make that jacket. I cruised Elann today and looked at the Sonata colors. I realized that maybe one in that moss and cream colorway, while it would coordinate with everything I own, might not work best for whichever girl I make it for. Maybe something more autumnal would work? Something in cocoa and orange? Gold? Go over there and suggest some Sonata mixes for me, wouldja?

Maybe by then these socks will be done.
I realize that somewhere along the line the actual knowlege of how to turn a heel has fallen out of my head. I remember it had something to do with decreasing and short rows, and I have faith that somehow, when I get the second sock to match the first one, as far as heel flappage goes, the knowlege will either have magically reappeared in my brain or I'll find a nice place to look it up. Just one turned heel, and I'll at least have it for this pair.

Now that I can't pretend that I'm just not posting reams of finished items because of the camera, I guess I had better get back on the needles.


Brittany said...

Ohhh that Cabaret looks sooo good! Beautiful! I must make one. I will swatch soon!

Rain said...

Cabaret looks fantastic on you.

Charity said...

I love the Cabaret sweater! I wasn't all that thrilled with the magazing photo, but you look lovely in it! I may have to revisit that pattern :0)

Samantha said...

The sweater and tank look great! Where is the tank pattern from again? I need to get that! :)

Oh, don't you just loooove going place with the husband and kids? At least with my husband, he waits until the last minute to get himself ready ... waits until AFTER I have the kids ready and if I'm not 100% ready by the time he is ready he's like "Aren't you ready to go yet?" Um, no. I'm not, but hey, if you would have dressed the kids while I packed their bag I WOULD be ready. *lol* Men! Geesh!

Emma said...

Pictures! Yey!
Cabaret does look wonderful on you! I love the colour!

meredith said...

yeah for the photos - Cabaret is great on you!
i truly hope your thing four and my boy number two will someday meet and climb things together - they sound like twins in spirit.

jen said...

Your knitted items look fabulous! I just reluctantly gave my Barbara Walker stitch dictionaries back to the library, after having them as absolutely long as possible. That lady boggles my mind.

Your story about getting children ready struck an ominous chord deep within. How do people do it? How will I ever do it? Yikes... Again, I humbly bow in your general direction.

And you never did send me your mailing address.

Marie said...

Cabaret looks fabulous on you!

I know what you mean about packing the kids out the door. I keep a stock of diapers, sunscreen, books and a sweatshirts in the truck in the big console. I just restock it as needed and wash the shirts now and then.

My purse is a backpack (okay, its black and leather and sorta cool) that is almost as loaded as the truck.

That Sonata...
how about pink pearl and burgundy wait...light sage and spring orchid...hold on....chamois and orchid pink....oh you got me do'in it!

bfmomma said...

where do I begin? cabaret is AWESOME! and I think it looks better on you than on the floor ;)

the tank is adorable! Just adorable. are you making the same pattern for thing 1? if so, let me know how it looks on her and maybe even a picture??? ;)

the tweed pattern is really cool... would you share the basic pattern?

and hey! my mom just gave me a pair of spiffy black pants! (love hand-me-downs that are too long for mom)

The socks are looking great. Go toe-up from now on. And two at once ;) or just send me your specs...

allisonmariecat said...

Auuuuuuuggggghhhhh! Picture overload! It's great to see stuff again :)

Cabaret is darling! The tank is so cute I almost can't stand it, and I just love the tweed.

K said...

Yay! It's great to have photos! Cabaret is very nice! You have been busy!

aurora said...

Cabaret looks GORGEOUS! It really suits you :-)

Yay for pictures!