Sunday, August 13, 2006

Dinner and Diapers

Sorry about the title. It was supposed to be "Head to Tail," but I can't find the freaking fourth watermelon cap so no pictures of them yet.

Taking a page from my friend bfmoma, I decided to show you what we had for dinner tonight. Mostly because it turned out to be unusually yummy, although as usual I made too much soup. Do other people love leftover soup? I might as well just carry mine straight out to the compost bin. . .

At any rate, here's red lentil curry soup with spinach:

Wonder why it's called "red" when it's mostly light orange turning to yellow when cooked? It probably would have tasted even better had I had all of the spices I would normally have used, such as turmeric, whole cumin, not-wilted cilantro, but that's the way it goes.

And I had extra help from Thing 1 and her good friend with the exciting accompaniment -- garlic naan!
It was so yummy that I wished I'd quadrupled the recipe. I also wish I had a big grill outside to make it on, but that can't be helped. Whenever we have Indian food from our favorite restaurant, the naan is always a high-negotiation item ("I'll trade you half of this naan for one of your pakoras") and it was nice to have a basket full.

Both of the recipes were cobbled together by searching for recipes on the internet and picking and choosing. I find that if I read ten recipes for something, it's pretty easy to get the gist of it and go from there.

Last night I spent some time listening to radio shows on the computer, and finishing my first soaker for Thing 4.

Partly because I took my diapers over to my sister and partly because I don't have any diaper pins or clips and partly because this has to be lanolinized, I haven't used it yet. It's from tiny bird's free soaker pattern, and it takes just a tad over one skein of Knitpicks Merino Style on size five needles. I think the instructions to make a ruffle are cute, but possibly quite lumpy under pants. For hot weather, that would be great, but my little one spends a lot of time in knitted legging-style pants, and diaper bottoms are lumpy enough without leg lumps.

I think I should make more if I'm going to use cloth diapers again.


bfmomma said...

yay! you've started soakers! I love to knit soakers... and decorate soakers (100% wool--koolaid dye!)

I could eat soup every day, but i'm the only one in the family, so I understand the compost comment. :( we need to live closer so that you and I can swap soup leftovers!

I've always wanted to try to make naan... would you maybe share your compilation recipe sometime? and I'd like the soup one, too! :) red lentils are my favorite lentils and I still have like 3 lbs. left over from my last co op order....

Can't wait for the watermelon caps! :)

sewingsuzee said...

Naan! I'd never thought to try to make it at home. That would be a big hit.

Why does D have your (er, your babies') diapers?

The soaker is adorable. Very preppy look to it. ;-)

Rain said...

Aw, the soaker is os sweet.

jen said...

Mmm.. you dinner looks delicious. How's the garden?

What's this I hear about a package? I will stalk the box office!

jen said...

You dinner? That's some good grammar.

And I just had a look at the address I gave you - it should be going to Calgary, so I'll check later today as I pass through!

Charity said...

The soaker looks great! I would love to see some of these leggings your little one wears - do you use a specific pattern?

amy said...

what's the color of the soaker? It looks great.

Stefaneener said...

Thanks, everyone.
The soaker is in "crocus," and for any of you who have changed a breastfed baby's diaper or prefer your soft pretzels with mustard, you've seen that color. Charity, the long pants my kid wears now are just baby leggings either handed down or bought -- just stretchy pants. The same site with the soaker pattern on it has some long pants on it also and I'm looking forward to making those. Apparently they work as garments and soakers, if you soak 'em in lanolin first.
My diapers all went to live with my sister in the event that she has another baby, as I swore I wouldn't do cloth again. Serves me right. She's graciously offered to let me have them back.

Rawmilkstar said...

Are you kidding about leftovers? OMG, I live on leftovers. When dh and ds2 cook, they always plan an extra portion for Mom to bring for lunch the next day at work. At the very least, freeze that wonderful soup and remember it's there for a rainy day or when someone's sick for a quick and easy meal.

allisonmariecat said...

Huh. I tried to comment, but blogger hates me today, I guess.

Anyway, I basically said Mmmmmm...soup, mmmmmm....naan. Looks fabulous! I always make tons of soup, and my husband always laughs at me when I'm surprised by how much I have leftover. You can usually freeze soup successfully, which I know from my excessive soup production. I just pour some of it into those plastic ziploc containers with lids, let cool, and put 'em in the freezer. If you're tired of it now, you might like it again in a month :)

I've been looking for a wool soaker pattern! Yours are cute.

flwrhead said...

Ohhh, how hard is it to make Naan? I have a great curried red lentil soup recipe, I love it! It's so hard to think about soup when its 107 outside, though. If you'd like to share your Naan recipe, I'd love to have it!