Monday, August 14, 2006

Things that go "Bump" in the Night

Some things you just can't anticipate in advance.

Some things you can.

So, last night I was sitting on the couch with my eldest daughter, having deposited all of the younger siblings in bed. From directly above us, the site of Thing 2's new bedroom, came a distinct "thump!" I decided to ignore it.

Then, Thing 1 said calmly, "There's things falling out of her room." We looked through the front window of the living room, and indeed there were. I went upstairs and escorted her down with a sleeping bag to her old "room," which was an alcove off of the master bedroom.

This morning, this was on our driveway:

In case you don't live in a world where things like this happen with great regularity and therefore you don't recognize it, it's a stuffed beaver (if there are turquoise beavers) with a Halloween-themed scarf tied jauntily to its forelegs. Apparently there were experiments with gravity and air resistance being carried out.

She also managed to dislodge the fan that had been wedged into her window behind a plexiglass panel secured with screws.

Tonight, I'm putting her in the alcove to start with. Baby steps for this one!*

One thing I could have anticipated was that by the time I got the fourth watermelon hat done, I'd be glad to see the back of that project. This turned out to be the case. One approach to projects like this is to pile it on and get them all done at once.

An equally valid approach, which is almost necessitated if you keep losing the completed items, is to piecemeal them and drag out the tedium pace yourself. I'm not sure they're ever really going to be worn, but I have done what I was asked to do:

As long as we all can still smile, it's probably worth it.

*Even that may take more time than I could have anticipated. Thing 1 yesterday wrote her name, and generously enough, her friends' names, on the side of the house in mud. Mud that she'd made canals in under the deck. Mud made of sand to track into the house. Mud that doesn't easily wash off of the (light yellow) house. Sigh.


sewingsuzee said...

Woweewow! Real photos of your brood. Gee, maybe I'll do that someday.

T1 really did that? Oh, man, I thought all mine were too old for stuff like that. Yoiks.

That hats aDORable. As are the photos.

sewingsuzee said...

Oh, and I keep meaning to ask: Is Knitting Parents of Young Children an orphan-rescue group? Can you crochet said parents, or do they have to be knit?

bfmomma said...

aww... pics of all the things together! that second one is adorable.

and I can't believe thing 1 did that. maybe having her sister in the room next to her for an hour caused some of thing 2's creativity to rub off??? wow... pics of that would be cute, too. :)

(btw, the pic of the super beaver really added to the story!)

I need to make a watermelon hat. For someone...

Charity said...

The hats are great! One of the things I love about reading your blog, is that your kid stories help me remember that weird things don't only happen in my house!

HighQueen said...

Cool hats! I think they look great, I want one!

I laughed pretty hard about Thing 2's gravity experiment.

aurora said...

Those hats might have been a pest to make, but they look GORGEOUS on the lot of you :-)

Oh boy. I don't know how you manage with kids! I have a hard time with pets, and they don't throw things out of the window!

jacquie said...

Love the watermelon hats!

I'd forgotten what fun it was to have little kids!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is I am thankful she was experimenting with the beaver and not herself or one of the other Things! Remember the eyelashes...


Janis said...

OHMYGOD you are all so cute!!! I love the flying beaver (in the name of science you know).

allisonmariecat said...

Hahahahaha! I almost fell out of my chair chuckling about the gravity experiment.

Look at all the Things in watermelon hats!!! How cute is that?

Carol said...

The hats and especially the children are darling. They remind me of mine who are all grown now. They were always performing experiments like that.

Spider said...

My friends wrote there own names