Saturday, October 7, 2006


Miracles, minor or major, are all over.

It was warm and sunny today, after a few days of rain and chill -- reminders that our winter is on its way, and there will be lots of rain. But today was a grace note, and it was nice outside.

My kids had flashes of lovely graciousness towards one another.

We now have doors that shut off the living room from the dining room. Well, we've always had doors,
but now we have doors that close.

I wonder how many years it has been since that view was available from this seat (where I have my knitting place). We did discover that children have been children for many many years -- this house is at least 110 years old -- because there was an old wooden top behind a door. In order to get this top behind a door, a child would have had to probably to fling the top up and over an open door, into the track space above. Needless to say, this has never ever been how you are really supposed to play with tops. Closed doors will be a great benefit when it does get chilly, as we can heat one room and huddle there together.

Thing 4 said "angry bees" today.

She said this while I was harvesting approximately 20 pounds of honey from the hive. Added to the nine or ten pounds I've already pulled out, it's a nice harvest for a first hive.

And it will be miraculous if I finish the cabled scarf in two weeks.



Rain said...

Wow, it sounds like you're getting plenty of honey.

jen said...

I think you need to email me your address. I must have thrown out the envelope, or refashioned Banana Republic retail bag, it was on.

That's so cool that you found a toy from an ancient mischief maker. Kinda spooky, too.

String Bean said...

LOL. "Angry bees." That's too cute.

Still up for that honey for handspun swap? :D *Hopeful grin*

sewingsuzee said...

Yay YOU. Wow, I had no idea one hive would produce that much so quickly.

Did you hire a pro to fix the doors? We have one to fix, and it looks beyond DIY-level.

I like the top story...Hang it up, maybe? That's what we did with the big spoon we found buried in the yard. Historical artifacts...?

allisonmariecat said...

Wow, that's a lot of honey! Find some nice jars, and you could be set for Christmas presents this year.

Oh, I love the top story. How fun!

Charity said...

Wow, congrats on the day of grace, the door solution, and the 20 POUNDS of honey! Eventful, to say the least. :0)

Samantha said...

Nice doors! :) 20 lbs of honey ... holy cow!

Alisha said...

That is a ton of honey!!! I like the doors!!

bfmomma said...

wow! That is an unreal amount of honey! In this house, it would last several years...

I love the doors. Remember the Town House we used to live in--the divider door was used so we could get by with a teeny weeny air conditioner in the summer!

Was the top spin-able?

Anonymous said...

I'm truely envious- I just spent $14 for honey at our last farmer's market of the year- I've had to let the boys know "This is for Mom's tea!" (I don't do sugar or artifical sweetner anymore)
The doors look great 7 the top is a wonderful find- a real conversation piece!