Sunday, November 26, 2006

The promised pictures

I promised I'd post pictures from the cabin:

I told you I was busy! This is just some of the stuff I read while there. I liked Jane and the Man of the Cloth (thanks, Allison) and couldn't put Holley Bishop's Robbing the Bees down. Animals in Translation is another wonderful work By Temple Grandin. If you've never read any of her stuff, give it a try. Carrie Bebris' Suspense and Sensibility lost me in the preface. The "spirit in the mirror" isn't what I hope for in a good mystery. I'm looking forward to reading The Queen Must Die, by William Longgood. I think I've read at least one other book by him, but titles escape me. That was one reason that being an English PhD student was a challenge for me!

"Bee literature" simply fascinates me. Before we took off, I checked the hive once more, and saw things I don't understand. I also saw new bees chewing their way out of their waxy birth chambers, which left me stunned and feeling honored and fortunate. Unfortunately, reading about bees doesn't teach me all that much. I'm just getting a handle on how little I know. I imagine any endeavor worth its salt has this effect on its devotees. I know knitting is the same way for me.

Speaking of knitting, here's some closer peeks at the sweater. An adorable collar -- I just love this colorway. Maybe that's why I liked the sweater so much (although not enough to finish it in less than five years). In fact, it's been so long that the yarn in the kit has changed.

Any bets on how long it takes Thing 4 to stain this beyond recognition? Hopefully I'll keep it away from food by whipping it off of her if she exhibits any hunger signs. Little swimmy fish around the bottom:

What the things did over Thanksgiving:

You can't see it, but Thing 4 is wearing new dalmation puppy rain boots. And how tired were they on the way home?

Thing 4 is asleep there too -- you can just see her head over the top of her seat. Thing 2 didn't nap, because she almost never does. Despite my anxiety dreams about finding horrible things upon re-entry, the worst was a load of sour laundry in the washer. Or maybe the mostly-eaten mouse in the trap that had been dragged upstairs to the carpet.

It's good to be home. The cats are lovely -- I swear the kitten is bigger than he was -- and we had, in fact, left a fairly nice and clean house for our return. I have work to do tonight before I knit, and I'm going to get it done. But I am not going to weave ends in until tomorrow. That's a daylight activity.


Charity said...

Looks like a wonderfun time! I love seeing sleepy children at the end of an adventure. :0)

I've never read Temple Grandin, I'll have to check her out!

Brittany said...

It looks like you had a good long weekend!

Is the sweater finished then? When do we get a modelled shot? (I just want more cute kid pictures. ;P )

I can't believe Thing 2 doesn't nap! I fall asleep as soon as the engine turns on.

Alisha said...

Your things are very sweet!!!!

Looks like you had a fun weekend. Love the sweater. It is so nice!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Stephanie Barron- I've read most everything. Looks like a lovely weekend, judging by the passed out children ;)
Afraid I can't help you with the park in Placerville- this weekend was the 1st time we ever got out & wandered around.

String Bean said...

Do dogs ever get tired of being used for pillows?

New bees! What fun! You are an official beekeeper.

P.S. I'm out of honey.

Morenna said...

Temple Grandin's writing is really good, isn't it. She was finishing her PhD at Illinois when I was an undergrad and gave lectures in my animal behavior class a couple of times.

Congrats on the bees!

allisonmariecat said...

So glad you liked the Stephanie Barron! I felt the same way about the Carrie Brebis, though. Not my thing. I've got to check out Temple Grandin now :)

Look at all the sleepy Things. Looks like you had a lovely trip. The sweater is gorgeous. Your colorwork is so impressive.

Rain said...

The sweater is adorable, Thing 4 is going to look very sweet in it.