Friday, November 3, 2006

Vermin and Viruses

The mice are back; I'm thinking of getting cats, even without the guarantee that they'd chase the mice. I think the rats are back too.

Well, rats, I think. Heee.

We're still snotty. Last night, spouse man said, "So, we're just going to be sick until February, right?" I'm going to get a gallon of that anti-bacterial stuff and dip the kids in it every 10 minutes or so. I know all about the perils of antibacterial stuff, thanks. I'm just tired of being sick in the "I have little children" way.

So Alisha over at her blog is having a contest guessing pumpkin seeds. If you like little Christmas ornaments, make a guess.

Obligatory knitting? I'm into the second ball on the back of the cardigan and wondering if I have enough yarn. Instead of figuring, I'm going to adventure on and find out.


allisonmariecat said...

I hope the snot goes away soon. I hate sinus problems. Dip away with the antibacterial stuff, I say!

I love the Great Is That Enough Yarn? Adventure. Always a good time...

Charity said...

I always thought that if the kids were home with me, we wouldn't be sick as often, I guess your story blows my theory out of the water! Sorry to hear of the snotty life you're leading right now. Spray them all down, I say, maybe it will help get rid of the rodents, too! :0)

Brittany said...

Ugh. I hope you all feel better soon. I, for one, am quite amused by the imagary of kids being dipped in vats of antibacterial goodness.

Kristy said...

Bleck. I hate mice. Rats. Vermin of all varieties. We get mice once in a while and they are disgusting.

Good luck with the feeling better. That sore throat/cruddy cough/sniffles mess is no fun at all

Alisha said...

Sorry your not well. Thanks for the shout out for the contest.

My gran has so many issues with mice. I do find having a cat helps and my dog mouses too. I would rather mice then ants though...or cockroaches....eeewwww

Anonymous said...

Live dangerously, Stef- I did with my lastest tote bag & ended up with exactly 23 inchs of yarn left to stitch on the pocket- hoorah!
Great image of sheep-dipping the kids in virus killer- hopes it works ;p

Rain said...

Adventure sounds good. As does the anti-bac sheep dip plan for the kids!

Even the smell of a pet in the house usually keeps mice away. Go on get a kitten! And a puppy!

Marie said...

Share the love....and the snot. Families are great, huh?

I say get a whole litter of kitties...the more the merrier.