Wednesday, February 28, 2007

If Sweaters Could Talk

This one would be saying something like "For crying out loud, lady! How long does it take? All I want is two finished sleeves and some kind of neck finishing. Sheesh! Cast on and cast off at the neck! A half inch of sleeve and the edging. Come on!"

And I'm in full agreement. It's not the sweater's fault. I'm nearly there, and would have been done if I hadn't had to undo all of the "done," but now my hands are really acting up, braces and therapy notwithstanding.

Besides, the sweater isn't going to pay me to do something that freaks my hands out (neither does the toddler, but she's more vocal) and if I'm going to do something painful and ennumbing -- is that a word? -- I'm going to write that darn curriculum.

Which is due Friday.

And my babysitter is out of town.

Oh, well, I mean, hours and hours of TV can't actually harm them, right?

Edited to add: I just sucked it up and ordered another skein of yarn. If I'm going to spend this much time with this sweater, I might as well make it long enough to last for at least another 10 minutes. Any bets on how long it takes for the AWOL yarn to show now?


bfmomma said...

oh, wow... it's really beautiful. (despite my hating the color, but you know me and oranges and yellows)

And when the AWOL yarn shows up, you can stretch it to add on even more years--or put on a hood--or... :)

I still swear that TV is how my younger two learned to read (PBS rocks), and you know how early they read. Truly, it's not all bad!

Rain said...

I feel your pain on not enough yarn. Still if it's worth doing... It looks lovely so far.

I hope your hands start behaving soon, you don't realise just how much you use them until they're painful

meg said...

Rats- I was hoping your hands were better or that the knitting gnomes had come & finished the sweater for you :P Maybe next month:)

amanda j said...

Imagine how much better you will feel when it is all done and dusted!

Now, while you wait, plonk the kids in front of the tube and get writing!

Robin said...

Looks good so far! I'm with bfmomma on PBS - I learned to read by 3 and my mom swears it's the reason! Plunk 'em down and get your writing/knitting groove on!

Lara said...

Good heavens! I think that sweater heard of your sweater a month plan and decided to thwart you.

It looks great, so far, as long as it cooperates from here on out.

Helen said...

Let's see.... you just ordered the yarn... so I'm thinking that the AWOL yarn will appear just as soon as the shop deposits the package with your order in it in the mail/UPS driver's hands so it is well and truly not cancelable.

You meant to make matching socks, right? and a hat? That was your PLAN all along....

Samantha said...

I feel your pain ... Hopefully this sweater will be done soon and you can move onto something less frustrating.

Jennus Interruptus said...

Yikes... it's been a rough couple of days, huh?

As to the grand plan of a sweater a month, I think you should be granted some grace here. February is the shortest month, after all!

turtlegirl76 said...

It'll be worth the wait. It's a gorgeous color! The AWOL yarn will no doubt show up about a month after you've finished.

Or, just in time for FYS 2007.

String Bean said...

Oh my, I just read your last post and whew! I would've gone bonkers.

As for the sweater, I'd just do a simple crocheted collar. Maybe a row or two of crab stitch. Just to be done with it already.