Thursday, February 8, 2007

Moseying along

No posts because it feels as though nothing happens here. Well, a lot happens. . . just nothing that lasts more than 12 hours. Cook, eat, clean up, laundry, school, repeat. It's easy to get caught up in the rush of minutiae and, well, not knit at all.

I had the February sweater done to the bottom, lacking only the sleeves. One day I sat on the front steps and watched my two youngest play while picking out the too-tight neck and redoing it.

Next time I knit this pattern (and I will; it's my favorite for children), I always tell myself, I will do the sleeves immediately after finishing the raglan increases. Maybe this time is the one that will actually teach me that lesson. Not only is it no fun to turn an entire sweater while working on a sleeve in the round, but I hate knitting sleeves, and I let this little thing languish as sort of a Renaissance jerkin for too long.

The motivator for picking it up and getting those dratted sleeves knit (and, I fear, ripping out the bottom and lengthening the sweater)?

Swatching for the next one.

Really, this stuff is going to make me go blind. Guess I am going to have to buy an Ott Light as I couldn't even see the rib pattern under household lights.


Heather Madrone said...

I also hate knitting sleeves, especially when they're plain stockinette. I do a couple of things to jazz up the knitting so I don't get bored of going round and round and round and round for 17 inches:

* Start cables (or other panel) at the neck over the shoulders and continue them down the arms.

* Knit the sleeves in a pattern stitch (baby cable rib is a favorite, and lace stitches can also be nice).

* Toss in some colorwork. One of the nice things about bohus sweaters is that you can repeat the yoke detail towards the wrists.

* Knit both sleeves at the same time. I don't know why, but this is much easier for me than knitting them separately.

* Reward yourself with interesting swatching every few inches.

* Start when the child is small and make the sweater wide. Knit sleeves and body to fit. Next year, rip out the ribbing on sleeves and body, lengthen 2" and repeat. This is how I've been knitting my Thing 3's sweaters since he was 6.


Charity said...

I've been wondering where you were! I know what you mean - I run into people I know and they always ask, "What have you been up to?". I want to tell them all this stuff, and I realize that I've done nothing, even though I'm so busy all. day. long. How does this work?

LOVE the baby silk! How is it knitting up?

bfmomma said...

omg, that sweater is delicious! I would love that pattern sometime this year :) C. has been asking for a sweater... don't know that the others would ever wear one!

I agree with heather about knitting both at once. When I did that on my baby sweater, it just flew! (of course baby sweaters do fly, but....)


Morenna said...

The way I've started using to end sleeve apathy is to start with the sleeves. I have no solution for collar apathy, however.

Finding light that is "good enough" to successfully knit something black, especially at the end of the day when my eyes are tired is just about impossible. I'm not going to buy one of those big spotlights that used to be outside of movie premieres. Yet.

Rain said...

Hang in there with those sleeves.

Lay a light coloured cloth over your lap when you're knitting with the black. It should help a little, as will good light.

Montana said...

Love my Ott light. Hub found it at Costco and got a good deal on it. Inky yarn is so tempting and yet so hard to work with.

amanda j said...

Oh you are a brave girl knitting with black. Your orange jumper looks absolutely good enough to eat!
Isn't it funny that most of the time we are just doing routine stuff? But life is never boring!

Jennus Interruptus said...

You've probably got half the dark sweater done by now, too - such are the ways of the People Who Accomplish Many Things Each Day. I've heard strange things about these people. I hope the stickbug rumours aren't true.

Seriously, how do you do it? I'm in awe.

Samantha said...

I love the sweater ... It is gorgeous. :) I've always been nervous to try the custom fit raglan pattern ... afraid my math will br wrong. *lol*
Happy knitting!

Robin said...

I like that custom fit raglan pattern - thanks for the link. I will try that one!