Saturday, April 21, 2007

The dog's still a pain but my husband is a genius

Long but accurate title -- looky here! He recovered the lost pictures:

I just love this. The new hives have a plexiglass side, through which I can observe without really upsetting the bees. And this is what they looked like before they got into their new digs:

It's called a package of bees. This is a three-pound package.

And this!

Melts my heart.

Now, as a real thank you, here's some garden shots, but smaller:

I didn't knit much today because we took the kids for professional photos here in town. Getting all four looking in the same direction, let alone with semi-acceptable faces was quite a chore. And Thing 4's attention span is pretty small, unless nursing is involved. We'll see how well they turn out. Keeping up with "real" pictures is difficult, since they aren't in the school picture loop.

Then there was a birthday party, with lots and lots of sugar. Some day I'll post a really long rant about the way sugar is shoved onto children, but not today. Today is thanks to the woodworker and computer geek in my life:


Charity said...

LOVE all the pictures! I hear you on the kids pictures - we took the kiddies in for some basic group shots, and realized this is the youngest's first photo. My oldest had her picture taken 5 times by this age! Ah, well. :0)

Jacquie said...

Can see why you would have been upset losing those pictures - priceless. So glad your DH got them back for you!

amanda j said...

That bee picture is amazing, and I know what you mean about heart melting - my kids break my heart daily (in a good way!).

I have never been brave enough to try a family portrait - will you let us see it when it's done?

Brittany said...

The toddler photo really is beautiful. I love her wellies.

That first picture of the bees is amazing too. I love how it's lit.

Sarabeada said...

I like the Cornflower best!

Katherine said...

Thank goodness you got those pictures back! The one of the bees is amazing, although I kind of wish I could see a picture of you taking the picture. And the plexiglass side sounds great.

And your sweet little thing! What a great time that is, jumping in puddles.

Rain said...

Thank goodness you got them back. The one of Thing 4 is so precious.

Hope all is well with your hubby.