Tuesday, April 24, 2007

When the Babysitter Comes

I hustled this morning more than usual and got everything vacuumed and picked up then ran the kids through their math and reading so when the Sainted Miguel came and took everyone to the park, I got in a bubble bath and painted my toenails worked like a crazy woman on my online courses.

Then I met a friend for lunch -- a dear friend who acted like it was all her treat to hear my news. Wasn't that sweet? Very soul-restoring.

And tonight, Mr. Beehive Carpenter himself has a meeting, so I'm going to get the baby in bed early (naps with babysitters just don't happen), serve something easy for dinner, and then I might work a little, but eventually, I'm going to have another date, with this:

That's how far I am on the right front of the Pearl Buck Swing Jacket. I've made many notes about how I'm doing this, as I can't actually follow a pattern without translating it into Distractionese. This way, the two fronts will at least have a slight chance of greatly resembling each other. I figured out where to put the extra inch of length us long-torsoed folk require.

Every time I pick this up I enjoy the yarn more, splitty though it is It's such a treat. I only wish I had killer knit skills so I could show it off in some spectacular way. Fortunately, it's so lovely it will make anything I knit look better.

And what more, really, could you ask of a yarn?


Katherine said...

Ahhh, a friend like that is much better than a bubble bath (even with painted toenails).

And, ahem, your knit skills are pretty killer there. But there's no denying that the yarn is beautiful and I can't wait to see it all done (you know, whenever you get some more quiet time).

meg said...

I definitely thought of you when the other docent came running around the end of the house, screaming bloody blue murder- "Bees! Bees! Millions of them!"- then collapsed into a chair. It only seems to be a couple hundred, but they were starting to clump on the curtains. I suggested calling a beekeeper "I think I could find someone :)" but I think they will be meeting a less kindly end at the hands of the Livermore Area Parks Dept *sigh*
Our next performance is at the Livermore Highland Games May 19-20 (I'm also on the games committee), then Campbell in June, Dunsmuir Games at Oakland in July, & of course Pleasanton Games in Sept.

Charity said...

Well, I think your knit skills are pretty hot - and that sweater is looking amazing. :0)

How wonderful to have some time out with a grown up, especially one who love to listen to you talk!

Alisha said...

I have one of those friends too. We don't see each other as much as I would like but when we do get together it is wonderful.

I love that yarn...it is going to be a nice looking jacket.

Jennus Interruptus said...

That yarn does look delicious! I can see why you're enjoying it so much. I LOVED the bee pictures in the last post! And the garden pictures made me swooooon, of course... the leaves are just now starting to think about opening. sigh... Spring in Edmonton is a long process.

Ruthann said...

We miss you on Home-ed. Ruthann

Rain said...

That's looking lovely so far, it's great to have yarn you enjoy working with.

Book yourself in for that bubble bath, it sounds just what you need.