Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Girly yarn

My personal style tends toward the rectangular and plain. However, just like any other person, there are exceptions. I like baths that smell good, for instance. I have one shirt that has ruffles. I wish I could knit lace.

I'm trying to expand my spinning repertoire. So today, in honor of a friend's upcoming birthday, I tried beading some.

Sheep Shed mill ends, rayon sewing thread, and glass beads. On the lemon blooms as a Valentine for the snow-bound.

I think I may try more some day. I'm not a great plyer in the best of times, and this was par for the course. I'd also like more beads.


Charity said...

Wow! That looks amazing! And like a lot of fun, too. I love how fearless you are when it comes to spinning. :0)

bfmomma said...

Ooooh... so pretty!

(and all that green stuff... sigh)

dawn said...

That's beautiful...very serene.

cpurl17 said...

That is so beautiful!

My neighbor's tree has been dropping lemons in my backyard which is how I get them :)

Janis said...

I need your email address. I have all my fencing stuff that I want to give to S. if she is still fencing. There are gloves, foils, mask, guards and shoes. May not fit her now but it will soon.


Katherine said...

I read this before and somehow forgot to comment (good lord I hope my mind comes back soon).

So let us get this straight, you can't knit lace, but you CAN spin beautiful beaded yarn. I think you got the long end of that stick. Beautiful!

allisonmariecat said...


That's all I have to say about that.