Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How do you do it?

During a really lackluster workout this morning -- I did it, but did the minimum, with minimum spirit -- I wondered how folks like my bud Suzee do it. How do you make yourself work out when you'd just rather not? That's why I was working out today, actually, I'd just rathered not yesterday (although the entire house got clean plus multiple laundry loads). I know why I work out, but some days I just can't muster what it takes.

I know how Thing 1 does it! She relies on team spirit.

Even with perpetually cold feet, she assures me that she had a lot of fun.

And I'm really almost (again!) done with Pearl's sleeves and almost to the waist shaping on Cobblestone. I did knit yesterday, even if the treadmill was lonely. And I knit today, after the lackluster workout and after struggling through borrowing and carrying again with Thing 2, because we walked up a hill to visit Sarah, Percy and Bill.

No adults showed up while we were there, but I'd definitely like to go back again. And there's a lovely organic bakery right around the corner. The Things were all for that!


suzee said...

Oh, that last one is the best photo EVER of your things. It's just so perfectly each of them at their most happy.

Thanks for the kind words, my oldest just gave me a lecture about being a sluggard, so I appreciate it. Feh on teens.

BTDT wrt gym boredom. It's goals that done it for me. When my goal was "work out" it didn't go so well. Now that my goal is a very specific thing (27:30 in a June 5K), it means if I miss a day I may not meet the goal. So I try hard not to miss a day!

It's what YOU do with knitting and spinning and farming, dear!

Katherine said...

Goals do it for me too, for the record. I don't have one now, so I therefore do nothing. But I have plans to get some goals soon.

I adore that picture of your things. It's a perfect Christmas card picture of the sort that is impossible to get when you try. Thing 1 looks beautiful with short hair, by the way. Playing in the snow?? That's team spirit all right.

Also: whenever you want to put owl babies in a post it's all right with me. : )

meg said...

Wow- you were probably a stone's throw from my folks' house in that pic & I think I know which bakery you were talking about- use to walk by it to & from school :-)
Love #1's new 'do- practical & attractive :-)

amanda j said...

Gorgeous kids!! I would be the wrong person to give any advice on exercise goals. I am shockingly unfit and disgusting!!